Enigma2 plugin overview

There is a lot of good working plugins
- but nobody knows them. :/

Here you can find plugin teste and skinned.
First of all shows the list all the plugins you can download
wiht Dream Multimedia Software manager and some
other good plugins - I will add more when time comes.

Non downloadable plugins.
If the development of a plugin is finished or stopped
and the plugin is still working, you can download it
from the extended plugin information pages.
They will be listed on the Non downloadable plugins page.

If the plugin development still is going on, there will be a link to development home page or plugin debate.

All plugin test are made with Dream Multimedia release image 3.2.2  and opendreambox OE2.0.0 Experimental Image, on a DM7020HD and a DM8000HD using own skin setup  Neverland_HD1R2_CVS skin 

The list starts with plugin name in alphabetic orden, you can toggle sorts between ascending or descending:
Name, Description, Tag and Links is to EPI (Extended Plugin Information).

List tags:
Audio -  EPG - Game - Media - Monitor - Movie Tools - Network
Remote - Screen - Subtitle - System - Tool - Timer - Tuner - Web Plugin
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2Lang Language selection system Subtitle 2Lang 
2SUB Subtitle settings Subtitle 2Sub 
3D Settings 3D Setting Control Screen 3D Settings 
Ai.HD skins control Generate your skin-style Tool Ai.HD skins control 
Anti Scrollbar Make a black overlayer  Screen AntiScrollbar 
ARD Mediathek Stream from ARD-Mediathek Media ARD Mediathek 
AudioSync AC3 Lip Sync Audio AudioSync 
Automatic Timerlist Cleanup Automatic erasing of Times Timer Automatic Timerlist Cleanup 
Automatic Volume Adjustment Adjust the volume ratio Audio Automatic Volume Adjustment 
Auto Resolution Adjusting screen to TV size Screen AutoResolution 
Auto Timer Plugin to find EPG event Timer AutoTimer 
AutoTimer Editor Control via internet browser Web Plugin Dreambox AutoTimer Editor 
Babel Zapper Setup to control with one button Remote BabelZapper 
Barry Allen Multiboot plugin Tool BarryAllen 
Battleship Play against your Dreambox Game Battleship 
Birthday Reminder Reminds you of birthdays Tool Birthday Reminder 
Bitrate Viewer Monitoring pid and vid Monitor BitrateViewer 
Bonjour Displaying range of network Network Bonjour 
Bouquet Editor Control via internet browser Web Plugin Bouquet Editor 
Bouquets protection Advanced parental control Tool Bouquets Protection 
CD Info Get CD info form database Audio CDInfo 
Cleanup Wizard Checking size of free space System CleanupWizard 
Connect Four Play against your Dreambox Game Connect Four 
Crashlog Settings How to handle Crashlog System Crashlog Settings 
CrossEPG Fetching EPG EPG CrossEPG 
CurlyTx .txt file reader Monitor CurlyTx 
CutListEditor Edit recodings Movie Tool CutListEditor 
Default Services Scanner Search fore Services Tuner Default Services Scanner 
Diseqc Tester Test your Diseqc Tuner DiseqcTester 
DreamExplorer A Ftp browser Tool DreamExplorer 
dreamIRC Internet Relay Chat Network dreamIRC 
Dream Twitter Lets you Read and Write  Network Dream Twitter 
Dream-Visualizer Monitor via internet browser Web Plugin Dream-Visualizer 
DVDBackup Make a DVD backup Movie Tool DVDBackup 
DVDBurn Make a DVD Movie Tool DVDBurn 
DVDPlayer Plays your DVDs Movie Tool DVDPlayer 
DynDNS A client for Network DynDNS 
EasyInfo EPG interface and EPG tools EPG EasyInfo 
EasyMedia Media Center Media EasyMedia 
Easy PG EPG View, Part of EasyInfo EPG Easy PG 
eCasa Basic Picasa client. Monitor eCasa 
EIBox Dreambox E.I.B visualization Monitor EIBox 
Elektro Power Save A power saving Plugin Tool Elektro Power Save 
Email Client e-mail viewer for Dreambox Monitor Email Client 
enigma2-plugin-ihadtutorial enigma2 Plugin Tutorial Tool enigma2 Plugin Tutorial 
EPGImport Automated EPG Importer EPG EPGImport 
EPGRefresh Automatic search for EPG EPG EPGRefresh 
EPGSearch Search through the EPG EPG EPGSearch 
eSame Play against the highscore Game eSame 
EuroticTV EuroticTVPlayer Media EuroticTV 
Fan Control2 Control and monitor your fan System Fan Control2 
FanControl2 web Control via internet browser Web Plugin FanControl2 
File Browser Manage local files Tool File Browser 
FlashExpander Expand Dreambox memory System FlashExpander 
Font Magnifier Change font size Tool FontMagnifier 
fstab-Editor Editor for fstab Tool fstab-Editor 
FTP Browser A basic FTP client Tool FTP Browser 
Genuine Dreambox Dreambox Verification System Genuine Dreambox 
GoogleMaps View Google maps Media GoogleMaps 
Graphical Multi EPG EPG for a specific bouquet EPG Graphical Multi EPG 
Growlee Forward notifications Tool Growlee 
HbbTV Setup Setup HbbTV functionalities Media HbbTV Setup 
HbbTV (TestSuite) - HBBig Test HbbTV functionalities Media HbbTV (TestSuite) 
HDMI CEC Setup HDMI CEC Power Events System HDMI CEC 
HTTP Proxy Dreambox as Web proxy Network HTTP Proxy 
iDream Dreambox musik database Media iDream 
IMDb Internet Movie Database EPG IMDb 
Infobar Tuner State Show the Tuner State Monitor Infobar Tuner State 
Internet-Radio Listen to internet-radio Media Internet-Radio 
Internet-Radio web Internet-Radio WebInterface Web plugin Internet-Radio WebInterface 
Kiddy Timer Control your kids's tv usage Tool Kiddy Timer 
LastFM Play your Last.FM account. Media LastFM 
LCD4linux Large color USB display Screen LCD4Linux 
LCD4linux web Display screenshot in a web browser Web Plugin LCD4Linux 
Letterbox Zoom into letterbox Screen Letterbox 
LogoManager Manage the boot logos Tool LogoManager 
MediaPlayer Player for Musik and Movies Media MediaPlayer 
Media Scanner Scanning Media for files System Media Scanner 
MenuSort Change the entries order  Tool MenuSort 
Merlin EPG Center More than just an EPG... EPG Merlin EPG Center 
Merlin Music Player Merlin Music Player Media Merlin Music Player 
Merlin Programm Guide Graphical EPG interface EPG Merlin Programm Guide 
Meteo Italia Showing Italian Weather Monitor Meteo Italia 
Modem Modem Setup Network Modem 
Morpheus Screensaver Screen Morpheus Screensaver 
Mosaic Preview screenshots of running tv shows Monitor Mosaic 
Mount Manager Manage network shares Network Mount Manager 
MovieCut Execute the cuts Movie Tool MovieCut 
Movie EPG EPG the Movie Player EPG Movie Epg 
Movie List Preview Preview picture from Movies Movie Tool Movie List Preview 
Movie paths Select movie list Movie Tool Movie paths 
Movie Retitle Change filename, title, description, and location. Movie Tool Movie Retitle 
Movie Search Allow to search recordings Movie Tool Movie Search 
Movie Selection Select a movie... Movie Tool Movie Selection 
Movie Selection QuickButton Assign plugin color buttons Movie Tool Movie Selection QuickButton 
Movie Tagger Add tags to recorded movies Movie Tool Movie Tagger 
MPHelp Help-component for plugins System MPHelp 
Multi EPG Selection Graphical EPG interface EPG Multi EPG Selection 
MultiRC Multi Dreambox RC setup Remote MultiRC 
MyTubePlayer Watch Youtube videos Media MyTubePlayer 
NameZAP Show name instead of no. System NameZAP 
NCID Client Callmonitor for NCID Network NCID Client 
NETcaster Player for Streaming. Media NETcaster 
Network Browser Connect network shares Network Network Browser 
Network Wizard Guides basic network setup  Network Network Wizard 
NFI-Flash (dm8000) USB Recovery Stick Tool NFI-Flash_HowTo_rev1.pdf 
Notification Queue Viewer Current Notification list Tool Notification Queue Viewer 
OFDb Online Film Datenbank EPG OFDb 
ORFat Stream from webpage Media ORFat 
ORF teletext ORF and SAT1 Teletext Media ORFteletext 
Partnerbox: Channel Selection Use Partnerbox plugin from Channel Selection Media Partnerbox: Channel Selection 
Partnerbox: RemoteTimer  Manage timer for other dreamboxes in network Media Partnerbox: RemoteTimer 
Partnerbox: Remote TVPlayer Stream current Channel or stream one from Bouquet. Media Partnerbox: TVPlayer 
Partnerbox Setup RemoteTimer and Remote TVplayer Media Partnerbox Setup 
PasswordChanger Change the password System Password Changer 
Permanent Clock Shows the clock permanent System PermanentClock 
PermanentTimeshift Setup PermanentTimeshift System Timeshift Settings 
PipServiceRelation Define a related pip service System PipServiceRelation 
PiP ZAP Allows to zap using PiP System PiP ZAP 
PluginHider Hide Plugins from menus Tool PluginHider 
PluginSort Sort the PluginBrowser Tool PluginSort 
PodCast Stream podcasts Media PodCast 
PornCenter Adult streaming plugin Media PornCenter 
PushService A flexible event notification System PushService 
Quickbutton Assign long button press Remote Quickbutton 
ReconstructApSc Reconstruct .ap and .sc files Movie Tool ReconstructApSc 
Recording paths Configure recording paths Movie Tool Recording paths 
remoteTimer Create remote timers Timer remoteTimer 
Satellite Equipment Setup Setup satellite equipment Tuner Satellite Equipment Setup 
Satfinder Helps setting up your dish Tuner Satfinder 
Satloader Get latest satellites.xml  Tool Satloader plugin 
SerienFilm Creates series folders Media SerienFilm 
SetPasswd Change the password System Change Root Password 
SHOUTcast Shoutcast Internet Radio Media SHOUTcast 
Show Clock Clock while watching TV Monitor Show Clock 
SimpleRSS RSS viewer Monitor SimpleRSS 
Skin Selector Select Your Skin Screen Skin Selector 
Spinner Selection Select between Spinners Screen Spinner Selection 
StartUpService Define a startup service System StartUpService 
StartupToStandby Standby-mode after startup System StartupToStandby 
Storage devices Setupstorage devices Media Storage devices 
Sudoku Play against your Dreambox Game Sudoku 
Sundtek Control Center Sundtek USB Tuner setup Tuner Sundtek Control Center 
System Cleanup Cleanup timerlist, orphaned movie files and setting System System Cleanup 
TagEditor Edit tags of recorded movies Movie Tool Tag Editor 
TeleText Teletext with caching pages. Media TeleText 
TempFanControl Shows Temp. & Fan Control System TempFanControl 
TrafficInfo German traffic information Monitor TrafficInfo 
UnwetterInfo German/Austrian storm info Monitor UnwetterInfo 
Vali's EPG Channel list EPG Interface EPG Vali's EPG 
Vali-XD skins control Setup tool for Vali-XD skins Tool Vali-XD skins control 
Verkehrsinfo German traffic information Monitor TrafficInfo 
Video Color Space HDMI video output. System Video Color Space 
Video Enhancement Advanced Video Enhancement System Video Enhancement 
Video Fine-Tuning Video fine-tune your TV-set Screen Video Fine-Tuning 
Videomode Video mode selection. System Videomode 
Virtual Zap PiP Channels in Infobar Monitor Virtual Zap 
VlcPlayer Playing Videos from PC Movie Tool VlcPlayer 
VPS Video Programming System Timer VPS 
Weather Plugin Local Weatherforecast Monitor Weather Plugin 
Webadmin Web-Ipkg-Admin for PC Web plugin Webadmin 
WebBouquetEditor Web-Bouquet-Editor for PC Web plugin  Bouquet Editor 
Web Browser Browse the web Media Web Browser 
WebInterface Control via internet browser Web plugin  Dreambox WebInterface 
WebInterface Setup Setup Webbrowser control Media WebInterface Setup 
Wireless Lan Connect to Wireless Network. Network WirelessLan 
YouTube Player Playback through a PC Media YouTubePlayer 
YTTrailer Watch movie trailers EPG YTTrailer 
Zap History Browser Recent zap entries list Tool ZapHistoryBrowser 
Zap Statistic Watched services statistics Monitor ZapStatistic 
ZDFMediathek Stream from ZDF Mediathek Media ZDFMediathek 
Z-Infobar Shows Temp. - Crypted info. System Z-Infobar 
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