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TV code

With the right TV-code you can use your Dream remote control for your TV-set aswell.
First, find out if your Dream-remote use 3 or 4-digit TV-codes.

3-digit TV-codes.
Black remote used by DM500HD - DM800HD - DM800SE

4-digit TV-codes.
DM600pvr black and silver remote
DM800HD black remote if it is gray inside by the batteries.
DM800HD - DM7000 - DM7020 - DM7025+ - DM8000 using silver remote.

There is at guide that shows you what kind of code to use in the Codebook.

3 and 4-digit TV-codes  (PDF 2010)

4-digit codes

TV - Codebook RC-10
DM7020 HD - (PDF 2011)

User manual for Omikron Plus
Control for DM8000 (PDF 2010)

How to enter the TV-code
1. Press the TV-Mode-Button.
2. Press the SHIFT-Button for 3 seconds, the TV-Mode-Button will flash twice.
3. Use the Numeric-Keypad to enter the Code into the remote control.
The TV-Mode-Button will flash once for every digit you enter.
Once you have entered the code the TV-Mode-Button will flash twice.
The remote control exits the programming mode automatically.
If no code is entered within 10 seconds the remote control will exit the programming mode automatically.
4. Now press the Mute- or Volume Button in order to check if the tv device responds to the just entered code. If there is no response, please try it with the next code from the list, according to the steps above.

Code search
If your television doesn't respond to the Dream remote after you have tried all the codes listed for your brand,  you can try to search for the code.
This will only work on "normal" remote controls.

990 - Code Blink Out
How to blink back the code for your television:
By doing a Code Blink Out you can determine which code is actually working with your television .

1 Press the TV key
2 Press and hold down the SHIFT key until the LED blinks twice.
3 Press 9 9 0. The LED will blink twice.
4 Press 1 and count the LED blinks.
5 Press 2 and count the LED blinks.
6 Press 3 and count the LED blinks.
7 Press 4 and count the LED blinks.

Now you have found the 4-digit code.

If during step 4 ,5 ,6 or 7 the LED does not blink at all, the digit is 0.
Write down the code for your device on the inside of the battery cover .

991 - Manual search
During the Code search you will manually run through every code
that is stored inside the Dream remote TV-Code library.
This method may also work if your brand is not listed at all.

1 Manually switch on your television.
2 Aim the Dream remote at your television.
3 Press the TV key and release it.
4 Press and hold down the SHIFT key until the LED blinks twice.
5 Press 9 9 1. The LED will blink twice.
6 Next, alternately press POWER and TV until the television responds.

Now you can press power button and the TV-set will be turned on.