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Logfile - Enigma2-Session

Enigma2 Session logfile.
As the name says, this is a how to make a logfile of the enigma2 boot session not to be confused with bootlog file(made with serial interface).

We assume that the box is running.

Start a telnet session
Stop enigma2 with command: init 5
Start enigma2 log wiht command: enigma2 >enigma2_logfile.log 2>&1

Now the enigma2 logging is started, the file is stored in /home/root/

Stop logging with command: init 3
Start enigma2 with command: init 4

You can see a "online-log" using telent, but its very hard to stop!

Stop Enigma2 with command: init 3
Start "logging" with command: enigma2 &