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Dreambox IP

Dreambox IP (Internet Protocol)
First boot takes you through the Network Wizard. The wizard is quit easy to use, the IP of your dreambox can later be found/changed in:
Menu -> Setup -> System -> Network

If you got a Wireless connection and it's found, - you can select it,
otherwise will the Network configuration start on LAN connection. 

Network Configuration
Network Configuration
Here you also find the Network Browser. and the Mount Manager if installed.

Network Setup LAN connection
Dreambox plugin - Network Setup LAN connection
In this setup I let the Dreambox and  Router DHCP assignment do the work.
As you can see, the setup uses my router IP/Gateway as primary DNS.

Store you IP
The given IP will be stored in a backup made with the Software manager.

Let your Router do the work
Every network device has a unique MAC address.
You can use it in your router and let the Router always give the dreambox the same IP by doing that you don't have to change setup in your Computer tools. 

You can find router guides here: port