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Change font size

How to change font size manuel.
It is quit easy to change the font size in a skin.
Open the skin.xml that belong to the skin you want to work with in a editor.

Find this part at the top in the skin.xml file.
<!-- Fonts -->
<font filename="nmsbd.ttf" name="Regular" scale="100"/>
<font filename="lcd.ttf" name="LCD" scale="100"/>
<font filename="ae_AlMateen.ttf" name="Replacement" scale="100" replacement="1"/>
<font filename="tuxtxt.ttf" name="Console" scale="100"/>

The main font that's used in skins can be different
the name should all ways the same name="Regular" 

Here you can scale the font scale="100" 

It can give small bugs where a text uses more than one line
or if the text line is made too tight in the skin.xml
of course these 2 - 3 small bug can be fixed.

Normal font size scale="100"
Default-HD Skin normal font size

Scaled font size scale="110"
Default-HD Skin plus10% font size