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Week 48. and 49.

posted 8 Dec 2012, 23:17 by Humsat DreamBoxer
There is general confusion about how 
to use network, hard disk and setup device sharing over the network.

I do understand and I hate it myself,
it becomes easy very, very nerdy

During the last year Dream-multimedia has made it quit easy, you just have to know the tools and where to find them.

New pages:
Dreambox IP (updated)
Sundtek DM500HD USB  (pdf guide) 

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year
Keep on Dreaming - may Goliath be with you.

Regards humsat

the upcoming enigma2 update will bring a bunch of improvements for the Media Renderer Demoplugin. It does now work pretty well here.
The "track change nuisance" will also be fixed.
There will also be a new Demoplugin called "enigma2-plugin-demoplugins-upnpmediaserverdemo" which provides bouquets and providers via a (2nd) dlna server.