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Week 46. and 47.

posted 26 Nov 2012, 09:11 by Humsat DreamBoxer
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While we are all waiting to see what 
Goliath will bring us. one of my favorittes 
singers "Björk" says ,, it's oh so quiet.

        I miss you
        and if you believe in dreams
        or what is more important
        that a dream can come true
        I will meet you

New pages
To comeplite this website there is
needed a page about accessories!!!
To a start, I will make and link to some
additional pages. The new main page 

DM500HD USB board
I testede the DM500HD USB board
and it has been running without any
problems for 10 days!! There is made ​​
many tests with several different devices.

Big Thanks to Ridax for the test sample.!

During these tests, I also tested the new
LCD4 Linux plugin and discovered with
great pleasure that it had the plugin has
been extended with a nice web interface.
the display setup very manageable. 

Nearly 2013
Now approaching the sweet Christmas 
time. I can not promise you new 
Dreamboxes  or even new pages.
I have to make a  clear-up on the website
before it get to messy.

And in case I don't see ya, 
good morning,good afternoon, 
good evening, and good night!

"The Truman Show (1998)"

Goliath's old girlfriend

Here is Goliath's new girlfriend that I have found for him.