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Week 44. and 45.

posted 10 Nov 2012, 05:57 by Humsat DreamBoxer   [ updated 10 Nov 2012, 22:49 ]
There is coming a version of DM7020HD.
The new DM7020HDv2 has new flash chip, there is no details about what else is new or when is will be put up for sale.

Dreambox Goliath 
So fare I can tell by reading between the lines
The work with Dreambox Goliath has first priority.
Dreambox Goliath is a new hardware solution with new software is probably named enigma3.
To a start there is planned 2. boxes. First will come a small box then there will come a high end box. There is no details what so ever, Dreambox-Multimedia knows they need to work quickly to avoid losing market to other manufacturers.

The "little" Goliath must come during the next half year!
I will keep you informed on  this blog.  Subscribe blog

My dreambox time
I did not look in to a lot of plugins the last 2. week, - my dreambox time was mostly used on my Neverland skin.
On the Screenshot page is a new Slideshow, now it doesn't work with  Intenet Explorer - but should work in all other browseres. Sorry IE user, - get a real browser. ;)
Well, I have to do some work on page.

I made a CVS - it is the one that shows you what the next event will be in the Channel Selector
by looking in to how the Gemini Team has made there's.

New on Page:

real-time open source activity stats page is down fore the moment.
They hopes to return soon!

Report illegal Dreambox!
There is still problems with Clone boxes on the marked,
a lot of users has been tricked in to buying one.
Please help fight illegal copies of Dreamboxes.

Be sweet, recommend the page and remember to click on a ad, - to keep the web-site running...