PP Neverland 3.0 - Aurora Dreams "Summer BETA release", comming soon!

The PP team now have the great honor to announce a forthcoming "Summer BETA release." We have chosen to do this because we now are moving towards summer times, and most of the members in our team will get other chores until the fall when the dark nights once again draws us towards the work bench. DMM does not seem to come with a final OE2.0 release before summer either, so therefore we choose to freeze our work for the summer, and release a wonderful beta image that many have been waiting for for a long time now. The PP team has for a long time tested the beta image, but seeing that it needs more testers to be finished. We need therefore to get tested the image among our users as well. We see that this is necessary in order to reach the goals we have set ourselves.

We know that there are minor shortcomings in relation to a final release, so be aware of this when you eventually come to us with input. What we're most interested in to know about is stability and functionality. Missing language files, or other minor details, we'll take a look at before a final release later in the fall. All that is missing are listed on our NoteIt block, and will be complemented in a final release.

PP Neverland 3.0 Aurora Dreams are built to take the maximum out of the graphical interface. We've added a lot of details which will give you an image with "good look" and a feel that most of it is well thought out and made to seem complete. No matter what you start, or open a plugin or screen, it's going to look as if it's made from PP team all together. Therefore, we hope you will enjoy your image and bet on us in the future.

We recommend now following along in our portal, which will provide you with a more detailed description of the image we have built for you, as well as a set of screenshots that shows some of what you can expect with PP Neverland 3.0.

So, stay tuned and download our Summer Beta image soon!

Best regards

PP Team