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Welcome to my mini Blog

- here I will make my notes about every thing concerning work on the website and what's new on it.

If you wonder: Can that man spell at all ?
You are right and especially bad in German and English and it's not only because I'm Danish.

Well, well - right there is room fore a reminder ;)

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I hope you enjoy your web-site about dreambox.

Dreambox DM7080 HD

posted 24 Sept 2014, 01:12 by Humsat DreamBoxer   [ updated 24 Sept 2014, 01:13 ]

Dream Elite  Nice video from Dream Elite

New Dreambox DM7080

posted 23 May 2014, 23:28 by Humsat DreamBoxer   [ updated 23 May 2014, 23:31 ]


7000 DMIPS 
GBit nettverk 
USB 3.0 
HDMI 1.4a 
eMMC (MultiMediaCard) 
Bluetooth Low Energy 

Neverland v.4.0 release next week

posted 23 Mar 2014, 05:45 by Humsat DreamBoxer   [ updated 23 Mar 2014, 05:45 ]

In a short time our new version of Aurora Dreams - Neverland v.4.0 will be finished and ready for release.
Today we opened a Web Site for it.

Please give the link away, :)

Peter Pan 3.0 - Aurora Dreams - Summer beta edition

posted 31 May 2013, 06:56 by Humsat DreamBoxer

Welcome to our third version of Peter Pan Neverland named Aurora dreams.
This time we decided to work on making Dreambox more vibrant.
Keywords: Appearance - Help - Information - Playground.
To make it happen, again we had to reorganize and optimized our Neverland menu - this time with new opportunities with placement of different e2 plugins, new settings options for better overview, new PPtools and live graphic skin setup makes the new Neverland menus operations content and appearance broadly up to you.

The new PPtools include:
* Cronjob Manager - add / edit / remove cronjobs, save & restart cron daemon.
* Display setup with live selection and skin picon thumbnails.
* Genuine Dreambox - Neverland menu will only work on Genuine Dreamboxs.
* Neverland Graphical EPG with link to EPG download and IMDb.
* News Popup will provide with image News.
* Picons - for 0.8W - 4.8/13/19.2/23.5/28.2E using Service reference in several sizes and designs.
* Plugin Browser is redesigned with plugin sort.
* Process Manager - available to kill / killall on process and CPU usage shows "realtime" output.
* Skin mover - lets you move skins to and use them from a extern devices.
* Tinkerbells Skin Changser
  lets you set up a individual Skin based on NewNeverland-DreamSkinHD setup, with over xxx graphic items.

In other words - the new Neverland gives you a myriad of opportunities fore you to put together your own unique image.

Peter Pan Team welcomes you on board and we hope you will enjoy and have a lot of fun with our new images.
By the way: We support multiboot and SoftCam!

This time we like send our thanks to: aladin25 - Coolman - Dr. Best - - Dream Multimedia - E2developers - Gutemine - joergm6 - Kerni - MartiniB - pasurimi - Sundtekk - Vali - by keep your files open, letting us learn or helping us in other ways.

Peter Pan Neverland v3.0 is based on OE2.0 and made for real Enigma2/Dreambox only.
We like to keep it that way. Thank you for your understanding.

Make a backup of your system settings from Software Manager in Tool menu and 3.0 can be used in less than 10. min.

Dear friends, we know it is a bit controversial to let other plugins be a part of our menu thats not our own, therefore we also take no responsibility for any errors in them. But sends our thanks to the makers. June 2013
Peter Pan Team

Peter Pan "Summer BETA release", comming soon!

posted 21 May 2013, 13:16 by Humsat DreamBoxer

PP Neverland 3.0 - Aurora Dreams "Summer BETA release", comming soon!

The PP team now have the great honor to announce a forthcoming "Summer BETA release." We have chosen to do this because we now are moving towards summer times, and most of the members in our team will get other chores until the fall when the dark nights once again draws us towards the work bench. DMM does not seem to come with a final OE2.0 release before summer either, so therefore we choose to freeze our work for the summer, and release a wonderful beta image that many have been waiting for for a long time now. The PP team has for a long time tested the beta image, but seeing that it needs more testers to be finished. We need therefore to get tested the image among our users as well. We see that this is necessary in order to reach the goals we have set ourselves.

We know that there are minor shortcomings in relation to a final release, so be aware of this when you eventually come to us with input. What we're most interested in to know about is stability and functionality. Missing language files, or other minor details, we'll take a look at before a final release later in the fall. All that is missing are listed on our NoteIt block, and will be complemented in a final release.

PP Neverland 3.0 Aurora Dreams are built to take the maximum out of the graphical interface. We've added a lot of details which will give you an image with "good look" and a feel that most of it is well thought out and made to seem complete. No matter what you start, or open a plugin or screen, it's going to look as if it's made from PP team all together. Therefore, we hope you will enjoy your image and bet on us in the future.

We recommend now following along in our portal, which will provide you with a more detailed description of the image we have built for you, as well as a set of screenshots that shows some of what you can expect with PP Neverland 3.0.

So, stay tuned and download our Summer Beta image soon!

Best regards

PP Team

Gollum - DreamSkin HD

posted 7 Mar 2013, 08:19 by Humsat DreamBoxer   [ updated 7 Mar 2013, 22:12 ]

Gollum - DreamSkin HD: MyTube player - InfoBar
Gollum - DreamSkin HD: MyTube InfoBar

Gollum - DreamSkin HD: MyTube Player - Video Information
Gollum - DreamSkin HD: MyTube Player - Video Information

Gollum - DreamSkin HD: Main Menu
Gollum - DreamSkin HD: Main Menu

Gollum - DreamSkin HD: Satfinder
Gollum - DreamSkin HD: Satfinder

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Series - DreamSkin HD skins

posted 3 Mar 2013, 05:17 by Humsat DreamBoxer   [ updated 4 Mar 2013, 10:59 ]

A new skin serie is in work.
Here I´ll show you a few screenshots.

Aurora - DreamSkin HD: Main Menu
Aurora - DreamSkin HD: Main Menu

Bass - DreamSkin HD: Channel Selection
Bass - DreamSkin HD: Channel Selection

DataBlue - DreamSkin HD: About
DataBlue - DreamSkin HD: About

PurpleHaze - DreamSkin HD: Satfinder
PurpleHaze - DreamSkin HD: Satfinder

SkyFall - DreamSkin HD: About
SkyFall - DreamSkin HD: Packet Manager

InfoBar screenshots:
The gadget spec URL could not be found

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Week 48. and 49.

posted 8 Dec 2012, 23:17 by Humsat DreamBoxer

There is general confusion about how 
to use network, hard disk and setup device sharing over the network.

I do understand and I hate it myself,
it becomes easy very, very nerdy

During the last year Dream-multimedia has made it quit easy, you just have to know the tools and where to find them.

New pages:
Dreambox IP (updated)
Sundtek DM500HD USB  (pdf guide) 

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year
Keep on Dreaming - may Goliath be with you.

Regards humsat

the upcoming enigma2 update will bring a bunch of improvements for the Media Renderer Demoplugin. It does now work pretty well here.
The "track change nuisance" will also be fixed.
There will also be a new Demoplugin called "enigma2-plugin-demoplugins-upnpmediaserverdemo" which provides bouquets and providers via a (2nd) dlna server.

Week 46. and 47.

posted 26 Nov 2012, 09:11 by Humsat DreamBoxer

The world's largest website about Dreambox, over 300 pages of knowledge.
While we are all waiting to see what 
Goliath will bring us. one of my favorittes 
singers "Björk" says ,, it's oh so quiet.

        I miss you
        and if you believe in dreams
        or what is more important
        that a dream can come true
        I will meet you

New pages
To comeplite this website there is
needed a page about accessories!!!
To a start, I will make and link to some
additional pages. The new main page 

DM500HD USB board
I testede the DM500HD USB board
and it has been running without any
problems for 10 days!! There is made ​​
many tests with several different devices.

Big Thanks to Ridax for the test sample.!

During these tests, I also tested the new
LCD4 Linux plugin and discovered with
great pleasure that it had the plugin has
been extended with a nice web interface.
the display setup very manageable. 

Nearly 2013
Now approaching the sweet Christmas 
time. I can not promise you new 
Dreamboxes  or even new pages.
I have to make a  clear-up on the website
before it get to messy.

And in case I don't see ya, 
good morning,good afternoon, 
good evening, and good night!

"The Truman Show (1998)"

Goliath's old girlfriend

Here is Goliath's new girlfriend that I have found for him.

Week 44. and 45.

posted 10 Nov 2012, 05:57 by Humsat DreamBoxer   [ updated 10 Nov 2012, 22:49 ]

There is coming a version of DM7020HD.
The new DM7020HDv2 has new flash chip, there is no details about what else is new or when is will be put up for sale.

Dreambox Goliath 
So fare I can tell by reading between the lines
The work with Dreambox Goliath has first priority.
Dreambox Goliath is a new hardware solution with new software is probably named enigma3.
To a start there is planned 2. boxes. First will come a small box then there will come a high end box. There is no details what so ever, Dreambox-Multimedia knows they need to work quickly to avoid losing market to other manufacturers.

The "little" Goliath must come during the next half year!
I will keep you informed on  this blog.  Subscribe blog

My dreambox time
I did not look in to a lot of plugins the last 2. week, - my dreambox time was mostly used on my Neverland skin.
On the Screenshot page is a new Slideshow, now it doesn't work with  Intenet Explorer - but should work in all other browseres. Sorry IE user, - get a real browser. ;)
Well, I have to do some work on page.

I made a CVS - it is the one that shows you what the next event will be in the Channel Selector
by looking in to how the Gemini Team has made there's.

New on Page:

real-time open source activity stats page is down fore the moment.
They hopes to return soon!

Report illegal Dreambox!
There is still problems with Clone boxes on the marked,
a lot of users has been tricked in to buying one.
Please help fight illegal copies of Dreamboxes.

Be sweet, recommend the page and remember to click on a ad, - to keep the web-site running...

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