EPG - Electronic Program Guide

EPG - Electronic Program Guide
The EPG has always a big subject fore Television viewers. I still don't get, maybe it because planing watching and nerding with dreambox dosent fit. ;)

To understand EPG on a dreambox, you have to consider:
some plugins is only for showing EPG, some are fore grapping EPG
and others are using the stored EPG.

A newly flashed dreambox come with 4. EPG viewers, 2. of them can be understood as EPG plugins.

If you don't install a EPG grapper, the only way you will get EPG is from current watched channels or one you scroll past the channel selector.

Info button - Long press.
You can find most EPG plugins in the extended EPG menu.
Here is a list split up in EPG viewers, EPG grappers and EPG using plugins.

EPG viewers

Event View (preinstalled)
Shows you EPG on current selected channel.

Shows a list channel events, you can change channel with using buttons < - >

Graphical Multi  EPG (preinstalled)
A graphical EPG for all services of an specific bouquet
Press menu and you can search in time. 

Multi EPG Selection (preinstalled)
Graphical EPG interface

Merlin EPG Center
More than just an EPG...

Merlin Programm Guide
Graphical EPG interface

EPG interface showed as Channel list.

A graphical EPG interface and EPG tools manager.

EasyPG got two kind of viewers and is Part of EasyInfo

EPG view and Grabbing

The project is no longer active.

The project is no longer active.

The project is no longer active.

EPG grabbing
Automated EPG Importer

An EPG downloader

Refresh will automatically switch to user-defined channels

EPG using plugins

With EPGSearch you can search through the EPG and create timers.

Displays Movie Information from the InternetMovieDatabase

Access the EPG from within the Movie Player

Displays Movie Information from the Online Film Datenbank 
Watch movie trailers from YouTube