DM500HD USB board

Adding USB ports to Dreambox DM500HD

  DM500HD USB board
When it comes to modding I am a bit of a sissy, especially with the knowledge that with this modification I will lose all warranty on the receiver.

With the prospect of being able to get a cheep box on a par with DM800HD SE and close to dm70020hd without internal hard drive, I just had to try it.

It looks like there can be made is at least 3. kinds of motherboards:

With R1010 + R1011 resistor 
With only one resistor 
With no resistor only solder (maybe a solder bridge), the resistors are 0 ohm

DM500HD wiht USB board
With the board you can get two USB ports, one internal and with a cable one the back on the box, the backplate is prepared for this connection.
I have made several tests with different combinations. I have not tested a USB harddisk. It will probably work with a 2.5" harddisk without extra power.

You make the internal USB to a External USB port by removing the Modem
(which you are probably not using anyway) to make space for the USB in wire.

Image: dreambox-image-dm500hd-20121108.nfi

Internal port:
W-Lan r8712u Dream wireless interface- Test OK
USB-sticks - Test  OK
USB-stick used as/with Flash Expander - Tested OK

External port:
USB-stick - Test  OK
W-Lan (r8712u)- Test OK
Sundtek MediaTV Pro (USB 2.0) ( (DVB-T) - Test  OK 
LCD4Linux Samsung SPF-107H display - Test  OK 

USB-Hub on External port:
Tested with a USB1 Hub and a USB2 Hub, with and without external power.
The UBS board doesn't give enough power for a USB-Hub with more than one divice, even if I use a USB-Hub with external power.
(Both USB-ports are inactive.)
This only happens if booting from DeepStandby (Restart/Restart GUI = OK)

If you want to use a USB-Hub.
You can add devices to the usb-hub after a reboot
but the Dreambox doesn't boot up if there is more than one. 

WebInterface Screenshot
The Picture is part of a WebInterface Screenshot.
It shows that I added USB ports and W-Lan on a DM500HD

Big Thanks to Ridax for the test sample.!
Ridax electronics blog: Adding USB ports to Dreambox DM500HD

From Chat:
Thank you it is working prefekt

Aleady got it?  Great!

I now got internal w-lan  

Great... which unit are you using for wlan?

the one from dmm
there was on components to remove?
I have removed sold from R1010 and R1011

ok. good

mabey its not needed to remove on new boxes

You mean there was no resistor but just solder, which you removed?

my box has s/n A4131411001466
there was no components on back on the print

The resistors were 0 ohm resistors, so maybe they have just replaced it with a solder bridge.

but one still have to remove the sold ?

If there is a solder bridge at R1010 and R1011 I guess you would need to remove it.  But if there is no bridge, but just solder pads that are not joined, then there wouldn't be anything to remove.