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License to drill...

License to drill...
Much has been said about this topic throughout the last year. I will not throw any petrol in to the fire and lighten up the discussion, but I will try to straighten thing out as I see them, but as always, a case has more than one angle.
To spice it up I added quotes from my Favorite Christmas Movie.
Ill recommand that listen you this soundtrack from the movie while reading.

The user:
"you can make you fights in the mud or even under water I don't give a shit."

The investor:
"Here is a OpenSource that people are crazy about, it's running on a hardware that's combined with components where not all are licensed."

The dreamer:
"what the hack are you doing to my baby? - raping it on a hardware its not supposed to? Keep you bloody hands from my work, or I sue your ass right in to hell, afterwards - not even your mother will recognize you".!

Dreamers played by The Dude and Walther
Useres played by Smokey and Bonny
Investor played by Jackei Treehorn and the Nihilists
Enigma2 played by the Rug and the Bar
humsat played by Donny and is the Stranger 

Old license
The "old" enigma2 is licensed under CCPL 3.0 / GPLv3.
Plugins made by Dream Multimedia Enigma2 developers are also licensed under CCPL 3.0 / GPLv3. The same applies to all plugins you can download through Software Manage, even there is no license and/or if it's not mentioned.
It may only be distributed and executed on hardware which is licensed
by Dream Multimedia GmbH.

New license
With the launch of DM7020HD Dream Multimedia launched a new license
that gives better protection to the dream baby, enigma2. 

License Conditions
Enigma2 is property of Dream Multimedia GmbH.

All copyrights with regard to Enigma2 belong to Dream Multimedia GmbH only.
The copyrights with regard to plug-ins may belong to third parties.

Any existing version of Enigma2, original or derived, may only be used by the owner of a Dreambox for private purposes only.

Explicitly, no one is allowed to reproduce, license, rent, lease, sell, broadcast, publicly display, transmit or otherwise distribute or compile any version of Enigma2 for commercial purposes.

Explicitly, no one is allowed to use any version of Enigma2 for offering, distributing or selling any hardware or box product offering Enigma2 functionality.

Explicitly, no one is entitled to make any commercial use - directly or indirectly - of Enigma2.

By downloading and/or using any version of Enigma2 you indicate your acceptance of the terms of this allowance. Dream Multimedia GmbH is entitled to change the terms of this allowance.

Any intended use of Enigma2 going beyond the present allowance has to be presented to Dream Multimedia GmbH and depends on the explicit agreement of Dream Multimedia GmbH.

Feel free to contact Dream Multimedia GmbH

There was a time:
"The fact that other competitors are now also using the benefits of this Open Source project is seen as an appreciation of our work"
 10 years of Enigma

In fact it's a shame we came in this situation, it has drifted former friends apart, it made enmities in a community that worked so fine.

Now I showed you facts and what I think about the subject
if you think otherwise click here...

I have been accused to be on the dmm payroll
only place I haven't read about it it on my bank account....

Regards humsat 
Funny enough, some claiming to have movie rights.....

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