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Fonts, Scaling, Symbols and special letters.
You can only use TrueType fonts (name.ttf) 
The font has to be present in the image.
Normal font placement is usr/share/fonts/
You can place the font anywhere
but its location has to be pointed out. 
eg. /usr/share/enigma2/MYskin/fonts/MYfunFont.ttf

 font="Regular;20" (font name,font size)

Font listing 
<font filename="nmsbd.ttf" name="Regular" scale="100"/>
<font filename="lcd.ttf" name="LCD" scale="100"/>
<font filename="ae_AlMateen.ttf" name="Replacement" scale="100" replacement="1"/>
<font filename="tuxtxt.ttf" name="Console" scale="100"/>
<font filename="/usr/share/enigma2/MYskin/fonts/funFont.ttf" name="MYfunFont" scale="110"/>

Basic fonts
These font names has to be present, they can be called from a .py file.
Regular is the main font and use all over. 
LCD is used in the display
Replacement is a replacement font, it should be shown instead if a font does not work. (never seen in use)
Console is the name of the font that's used when use see a script be executed.

Often when you use a new font it is either too big or too small, compared to the typically used font.
scale="100"  (size 100%)

Use entity name if you want to use characters that's normal reserved for a command in enigma2 skin.xml

Character         Entity Name             Description           
    "                  &quot;              quotation mark 
    <                  &lt;                 less-than
    >                  &gt;                 greater-than

Special letters
Some languages got there own letters, if you want to use them (bad idea) you have to use entity names. - ISO 8859-1 Characters