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Called Screens

Called Screens
Screens below are used on more than one place, they are called by e2 or a plugin. These screens were difficult to give sense, while finding my way around e2 skin. In Neverland skin I gave some of them more meaningful names.

screen name="ChoiceBox" (Extended menu...)
Its main function is Blue/Extension menu.
Can be used where there is need for a extra menu, normally using menu button.

screen name="Console"
Is used where ever there is needed a Script Console, running a script.

screen name="InputBox" (InputBox...)
the screen can be used if you for instance do a search.

screen name="HelpMenu"
This is the normal help screen, its the screen with the Remote Control.

screen name="JobView"
It is used by DVDBurn plugin and NFI-Flash plugin mostly to show a process.

screen name="Menu"
 (Choose operation)
Strange screen, it is only used by CutListEditor and Enhanced Movie Center
I realy don't know if it should be used at all.?

screen name="MPHelp"
It is the latest helper where you are reading a mphelp.xml file stored in the plugin.
The problem is that it doesn't fit in to enigma2 translation.
Translation can be made.! ;)

screen name="MessageBox"
The MessageBox it used in many ways:
Its giving you a message about errors or Information
and it can give you a Choice box with questions to select from.

screen name="Setup"
This screen can be used if there is a call for a configuration, like Customize.

screen name="SimpleChannelSelection"
This screen is used wherever there is use for references to the channels list.

screen name="TimeDateInput"
Screen is used by Multi Epg Selection and Graphic Multi  EPG
to Search fore EPG Date and Time

Dear developer, even with out knowing a shit about building a plugin
I can see, that you can get a lot fore free if you use the called screens.
If you do so, please add source="Title" in your plugin, use red button as exit and green button as OK.