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Placement, layer, size, color and text shadow

How to set in a text, change text color use symbols and special characters

Like with any screen will the location depend on X,Y
position="70,590" from left,from top in pixels.

Horizontal and Vertical
halign="where" and valign="where"
You can use: top - bottom - center - left - right 

Note: You can not use this with pixmap, Listbox and other,

The screen will be read from the top down after, what stands at the bottom is automatically the top layer.
This way will any subject use zPosition="0" (is not used)

You can use zPosition to move subject in layers:
-1 is backward,  1 is forward (zPosition="-1" - zPosition="1") you can use any number to set value.  

If you are using font size 20px, you have to set the size 24px etc. otherwise will the letter be cut at the bottom.
size="660,24" (width,height)

NOW THE TEXT HAS ITS ARIA BUT IS HAS BACKGROUND COLOR                                       

To remove color background from the size area set in

If nothing else is specified will the coler be taken from the from windowstyle type="skinned" id="0"
You can change the text color by adding foregroundColor="#666666" 
You can use color value or color name.

In some cases you have to enter a background color in a text line otherwise  backgroundColor="#666666"
this will make a blurred text look sharp, select a background color that matches the skin background.

You can make square colored shapes 
<eLabel position="70,200" size="100,100" backgroundColor="#333333" />    

You can make a color transparent by adding how much transparency in percent you want before color

Full color #333333
50% transparent color: #50333333

You can add shadow to a text placement x,y 

To make a text visible in a screen you have to start with:
<eLabel text="
and close the text line with a quotation mark."
Note: eLabel text will only be translated if the text is in the translation file.

Divide text line
You can divide a text line in more lines by entring \n where you want the line to divide.

<eLabel text="My text line is to long:\nFirst of all it would look better\nand it would be easy'er to understand if the line was divided"

On the screen it will look like this:

My text line is to long:
First of all it would look better
and it would be easy'er to understand if the line was divided

Note: You have to enter new size height fore x number of lines
eg. font size 20px needs space 24px, - three lines need approx 72px in height