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Wellcome to link and information concerning Dreambox using enigma2.

The website is made using all kind of Google products
as the name says: Here you'll find - all about dream.
The site shows you "full" Plugin and Skin overview showing Screenshots, Information and Guides with Screen names, Link to Images, Tools, Development, Debate, Forums.

About page designe: It's kind of old fashion but that's the way I like it. We all had quit a few laughs using Google translate but if you are pasient and participates Google translater will learn. You can find Google Translate in lower right corner.
"First we take Manhattan, then we take Berlin..."

Please help me: Collect all about dreambox on one Website
a easy access to information will make it much easier for us all. Contact me

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Dreambox Tools, Dreambox Skin, Dreambox Enigma2

Recent announcements from the mini Blog

  • Dreambox DM7080 HD   Nice video from Dream Elite
    Posted 24 Sept 2014, 01:13 by Humsat DreamBoxer
  • New Dreambox DM7080 7000 DMIPS 1080p GBit nettverk SATA 3 USB 3.0 HDMI 1.4a eMMC (MultiMediaCard) Bluetooth Low Energy 
    Posted 23 May 2014, 23:31 by Humsat DreamBoxer
  • Neverland v.4.0 release next week In a short time our new version of Aurora Dreams - Neverland v.4.0 will be finished and ready for release.Today we opened a Web Site for it.Peter ...
    Posted 23 Mar 2014, 05:45 by Humsat DreamBoxer
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Last 5. changes in the Enigma2 plugin overview.

Wireless Lan Connect to Wireless Network. Network WirelessLan 
Storage devices Setupstorage devices Media Storage devices 
Recording paths Configure recording paths Movie Tool Recording paths 
Network Wizard Guides basic network setup  Network Network Wizard 
Network Browser Connect network shares Network Network Browser 
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Last 5. uploaded guides in the .pdf Storage

  • Sundtek DM500HD UBS PCB User Guide   0k - 6 Dec 2012, 07:27 by Humsat DreamBoxer (v2)
    ‎English - Sundtek - 2012‎
  • pdf-storage-png.png   13k - 23 Oct 2012, 00:40 by Humsat DreamBoxer (v1)
  • Boot a DM800 from USB   0k - 24 Sept 2012, 03:45 by Humsat DreamBoxer (v2)
    ‎English - hemispherical1 - 2012‎
  • Enigma2 Telnet   0k - 24 Sept 2012, 03:35 by Humsat DreamBoxer (v2)
    ‎English - Jeroensky TeRrItOrY - 2012‎
  • Get in to Bios DM7025   0k - 24 Sept 2012, 03:16 by Humsat DreamBoxer (v2)
    ‎German - Mr.Bunny - 2008‎
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  • Bouquets Protection 0.2-rc1 all.ipk   0k - 7 Oct 2012, 03:26 by Humsat DreamBoxer (v2)
    ‎Advanced parental control‎
  • Connect Four / Vier Gewinnt   0k - 22 Jun 2012, 07:00 by Humsat DreamBoxer (v3)
  • Sudoku   0k - 22 Jun 2012, 06:57 by Humsat DreamBoxer (v3)
  • Battleship Game / Schiffe versenken   0k - 22 Jun 2012, 06:14 by Humsat DreamBoxer (v3)
  • eSame   0k - 22 Jun 2012, 06:14 by Humsat DreamBoxer (v3)
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