Tagging Instructions

Use only 3x5 index cards – full size, pinned vertically to clothing (see photo below) , or attached securely to toys, equipment and other items. Use WHITE index cards for items you wish to donate, and COLORED tags for items you wish to pick-up if unsold. 1/2 tags may only be used for very small items that are placed in Ziploc bags with the tag, or for use on media only (books, CDs, or DVDs). There must be room for your seller number, description or book title, and barcode so we can reunite items if they are separated. A seller number is not enough to match up separated items - the description will help us match up a lost tag with a tag-less item so that it can be credited to you. Everything else must have a full-sized 3x5 card. Fill out cards following the example in photo below. You do not need to type your tags – clearly handwritten tags are absolutely fine. Please see example. Please note, no handwritten prices will be accepted. The price appears on the barcodes you will order. Minimum price for any item is $1.00, and pricing can only be offered in full dollar amounts ($1.00, $2.00, $5.00, $10.00, etc). You may pencil in the price and then cover it with a matching barcode label once you print your labels. For Pricing Guidelines, click HERE. Please see photo below for tag example. Tags should include the following:

    • Seller Number: Include your seller number on the left side of the vertical index card, about an inch down from the top just below the pin line. This number also appears on the barcode label, but needs to be included in this location as well for sorting purposes.

    • Gender & Size: Specify gender (Boys'/Girls'/Unisex) and size opposite your seller number on the right side of the full-size 3.5 x 5 vertical index card . Indicate the size directly below the gender. All clothing items marked with S, M, L, or European sizing etc. must be marked with a number sizing equivalent (ex: XS/4 or 120/6). Remember, all items will need to be arranged by gender and size prior to bringing your items to your appointment.

    • "Maternity" or "Nursing" & Size (for Maternity & Nursing clothing only) Specify whether item is Maternity or Nursing opposite your seller number on the right side of the full-size 3.5 x 5 vertical index card. Indicate the size directly below it.

    • Description: All items must include a description on the tag. Use the middle section of the index card to describe your clothing and other items. This is a good chance to point out if it is a brand name item. Indicate here if an item has more than one piece (especially clothing). A clear description also helps when trying to reunite fallen tags with the right item. Add descriptions to toys or equipment, to help reunite fallen tags, as well as add information a shopper may not get from just looking at the item. Include book, DVD, and CD titles here as well. Allow about an inch of space from the bottom of the card where you will place your barcode label.

    • Barcode: (Printed on high quality setting or at a print/copy center such as Paradise Copies or Staples) You will place your barcode label at the bottom of the index card. Barcodes include your seller number, price, and “no disc” (no discount) or blank. You would order barcodes with “no disc” for any item you did not want marked ½ price for the Sunday sale. Barcodes without the words “no disc” can be sold for ½ price on Sunday. Any items may be discounted regardless of tag color. Let things go for 1/2 price! It's better to get 50% of the price than to have to bring home things you can't use anymore and they will have a chance to sell for full price on Friday and all day Saturday. If you are using white tags and are planning to donate unsold items, at least let them go for 1/2 price since they will be donated anyway! 1/2 price sale takes place between 12:00 and 3:00 on Sunday.


Be sure to securely affix your tags to all items. On clothing, safety pin should go horizontally through tag and clothing item twice (once in, once out before fastening). See photos. Any item that does not have a tag or barcode cannot be sold. Items can only be sold by being scanned into the computer. For your benefit, you will want your tags to be secure. Incorrectly tagged items may be rejected or if they slip through, may be sold at the discretion of our sale and the consignor cannot expect to receive credit for an item that does not have a consignor number or barcode.

    • ACCESSORIES and loose items must be in CLEAR zip-lock bags with tag placed visibly inside.

    • BOOKS should be priced individually with a full 3x5 or 1/2 3x5 index card covering the books manufacturer's barcode. Please allow room for a description (book title) so lost tags may be easily reunited. You may group series books if desired but people may just be seeking one or two books in a series. It's best to price them individually.

    • SHOES should be tied securely together or placed in CLEAR Ziploc bags with tag placed visibly inside.

    • BOARD GAMES & PUZZLES should be secured with rubber bands. Please do not use tape that will tear the packaging when removed.

    • CLOTHING must be hung facing left (see photo – hanger will look like a “?” as you face the item). Please use child size hangers when possible. Adult wire hangers work fine for larger sizes and for pinning pants, shorts, and skirts to. See all photos for other hanging tips.

    • BEDDING SETS (crib, twin, full) with multiple pieces should be packaged in a clear bag with a list of all items included. A photo of the set-up would really appeal to a shopper, and probably help sell your item! Please ensure all parts are clean.

    • BABY BLANKETS should be place in Ziploc bags with tag inside. Larger blankets can be placed in a clear bag or just folded and secured with a rubber band or ribbon with tag pinned in a visible location.

    • ALL TOYS, small and large, should have all parts securely attached, with smaller parts in a Ziploc bag and then strapped to the item securely. Tag should include description, including what parts it includes.

    • OUTDOOR TOYS should be tagged with a color tag so that they can be reclaimed at pick-up. Cradles to Crayons is unable to accept these items for donation.

Tag Example

Allow about 1" at top for pinning

Hanging example for tops, dresses, & coats. Make sure hanger faces left like a question mark.

Hanging example for pants, skirts, & shorts.If you do not have pant hangers, pin pants, skirts, etc with 2 safety pins to slanted parts of a wire hanger so item stays secure and does not slide and bunch up. Your items will sell better if shoppers can see them clearly. Pin should go through as much of the garment as possible and then around the slanted parts of the hanger. This works best with wire hangers as tube hangers or store hangers are too big for the pins to get around.Hanger always faces left like a question mark.

Pant hanging detail - pin to slanted part on both sides.

2-piece item front view.Shirt is hung on the hanger. Turn hanger over and place pants with edges of waistband on the slanted parts of the hanger (see next photo). Pin pants through the back of the shirt and around the hanger with 2 safety pins, one on each side, just like the pants photos in the previous example. Shoppers can now easily see the front of the shirt, and the front of the pants just by flipping the hanger around. They will have access to size/brand/care tags as well. You only need one index card, placed on the shirt, on the front, with the hanger facing left like a question mark.2-piece item back view.Front of pants face out.

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