Sh Abubaker Effendi, a Turkish scholar writing in Afrikaans

posted 7 Oct 2011, 07:25 by Aljaamiah Academy Administration
The above book was written by Sheikh Abubakar Effendi, a turkish scholar who landed in the Cape in the late 1800's. The book is written in Afrikaans, using arabic script. This type of script was used amongst the malays at the Cape when writing in the Malay language. The script was called Jawi.  Subject matter of the book is on Hanafi Fiqh, as its author was the first to teach hanafi fiqh at the Cape since all muslims at the time were followers of the Shafi madh-hab. I found the book amongst many others in my dads bookshelf while browsing through his books.
A very interesting note i picked up in the book is the spelling of the Afrikaans word mense (meaning people) spelt as Mêse excluding the 'n'. Perhaps this was the dialect of the muslims at the Cape at that time? who knows.