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Quran recitors from Indonesia, Malaysia and Egypt delivered heart-melting renditions of the Holy Quran at Masjid Al Bahr, in Strandtfontein today. 
They are present as judges for the 5th National Quran Competition and Awards which will be held at the Igwatul Islam masjid in bridgetown. The event kicks off tonight 23rd September and ends on Sunday 25th. It is hosted by The South African Qur’aan Union - a non governmental organisation that focuses on developing Muslims by imparting essential knowledge regarding the various disciplines of Qur’anic Knowledge.

Sheikh Ruslan (pictured second from the right) has a bachelors degree in Qiraa'aat from Ma'had Qiraat Shubrah, Cairo and is a senior Imam of the state of Kedah since 1996. He judged Quran competitions in Malaysia since 1996 and also judged international level Quran competitions in Saudi Arabia and Libya. Sheikh Sharifuddin (pictured in the centre) has a degree in Shariah, Dawah, as well as a masters in Management. He has participated and won national and international competitions since 1984. He judged the international level competitions in Iran and Malaysia as well as the competition between Asean countries and specializes in the area of Tarannum/ Maqaamaat.
A warm discussion with Sheikh Sharafuddin revealed that he studied at the famous Sharif Hidayatullah University in Indonesia. He is also close friends with Silat master and Qori, Sheikh Mukhtar ibnu from Indonesia, the Imam of the Azhar Masjid Agong in Jakarta. Sheikh Sharif now lectures at the Ma'had Al Quran in Indonesia.

Qori Mukhtar Ibnu visited Cape Town in October 2010 with the Azhar Silat group from Indonesia in an attempt to share the ancient art of Silat to the Cape Community. Pictured on the Left, he recites before Silat demonstration at the Parkwood masjid.