Fee Structure & Requirements

Fees :
Tuition fees for the year 2012 is R7800, or 10 equal payments of R780 over 2012.
A once off development contribution of R250 is required per family payable upon registration. If addidtional family members attend the academy in subsequent years, this fee will not be paid again.

Students will need to supply 2 passport photos. Student cards to be made.


Dress Code:

- Black thowb and powder blue burqa’
- Black Socks, Long pants (no jeans)
- No jewellery (except watch)
- No Cell phones
- White thowb, Fez and Turban
- White pants
- No jewellery (except watch)
- No Cell phones
Parents should contact teachers if they need to speak to the students for any urgent matters
Seragam Silat :Silat uniform optional. Includes seluar (pants),
baju silat (top), bengkong (sash/belt) and tengkolok (headgear).
*these items available from the shop.