Sidi Ahmad Abu Ghazaleh comes to Cape Town this week!

posted 4 Oct 2011, 09:20 by Aljaamiah Academy Administration   [ updated 4 Oct 2011, 09:22 ]
Sidi Ahmad Abu Ghazaleh will be delivering the Jumuah Khutbah and lead the proceedings at the newly built Steenberg Masjid in Military rd, Steenberg. (from the M5, continue on to Prince George's drive all the way to Military rd turn-off) This happens this friday (7th October 2011). He will be here on a short but special visit, privately invited by Dr Goolam Hayat.
Of  Palestinian background, from the young age of five Ahmad Abu Ghazaleh has been singing Nasheed, reciting Qiraah and seeking Islamic knowledge. He is teh son of Great Aalim and Sufi, Shaykh Hazim Abu Ghazaleh from Palestine.

He is experienced in the art of Maqamaat (Middle Eastern melodies) and has produced a number of CDs including 'Hasbi Rabbi My Lord is Sufficient' and 'Ahmad Ya Habibi'. He has studied Maqaamat under the guidance of the famous Nasheed artist, poet, author and teacher Ustadh Ameen At-Tirmidhi of Syria. 

He holds Ijaazahs (Licences) in Quraan Recitation and other Islamic Disciplines. Sidi Ahmad is especially active in bridging the gap between Muslim and non-Muslim communities in Queensland (australia) and is regularly invited to contribute in Festivals and Conferences nationally and internationally. He is an Islamic Educationalist engaged in adult, teen and primary education.
For those who wish to welcome Sidi Ahmad to the shores of Cape Town, he will be arriving on Thursday 6 Oct at 4pm at the Cape Town International Airport. On behalf of the Qadiri Shadhili Tariqa, we welcome Sidi Ahmad and his family and wish them a relaxing and refreshing stay in Cape Town.
Weekly Friday Hadhra Dhikr with Sidi Ahmad at Masjidul Kareem, 11th Avenue, Eagle Park. Starting at 9.00pm.