BMW using a Footerbike for VOC Bursary fund!!

posted 6 Oct 2011, 03:50 by Aljaamiah Academy Administration

The 6th annual VOC Bursary Fund has been launched at the VOC Festival With a Difference at the Cape Town Market in Epping, but this year the project will be vastly different. As part of the annual project, VOC donates R100,000 of its festival profits in the form of bursaries to 10 deserving students. Thus far over R600,000 has been donated to more than 70 students.

But this year year, Auric Auto BMW Claremont has come on board to partner in the corporate social investment project, which has been dubbed Charity in Motion. The goal is for Teddy Govender, principal dealer of the company and avid athlete to run a distance of 300 km over the next six weeks, collecting as many pledges as possible toward the bursary fund. Govender kickstarted the project on Friday when he ran the first 10km from Pinelands Civic Centre to the Cape Town Market in Epping and put in the first R10,000 towards the Bursary Fund.

He will keep the momentum going on weekdays, running the 10km from Auric Auto in Claremont to the VOC studio between 6 and 7am from Monday to Friday for a total of 30 days. Besides collecting pledges from both corporates and VOC listeners who will be able to deposit their contributions directly into the MBC banking account, listeners who spot Govender on his morning run will also be eligible for spot prizes during the Breakfast Show.

"We often find that so many young children have potential to go study at a tertiary institution, but have no funding to do it. This is why the bursary fund was started six years ago and it is what inspired us to join the projec this year. So I urge people over the next 30 days to pledge what they can. I listened to one of the recipients of a bursary recently, who is now a 2nd year student at UCT.

"She would never have been given that chance if someone had not invested in her. So we are proud to create more opportunities taht will help others get a step closer to achieving their dreams," Govender related.  As for the physical toll on him, Govender said: "After running this first leg today, I can tell you, it was not a comfortable run. But nothing worth having comes without sacrifice, so in the giving is infinite blessing."

Listeners can deposit their contributions to the Bursary Fund directly into the account held in the name of the MBC at  FNB Salt River, acc 5026 1166 860, using the reference Bursary Fund. We also urge listeners to keep a sharp eye out for Teddy on the road so that they can be eligible for the spot prizes and stay tuned for more details on VOC," Bastra said.

Meanwhile, Nijema Hayat of the MBC Board of Trust officially launched the Bursary Fund on stage on Friday evening and invited members of the public to collect entry forms for the fund at the VOC lounge in the corporate exhibition area. "Since 2006, we have given bursaries to more than R70,000, but given the cost of education today a R10,000 bursary is hardly enough. So our intention is with this drive to give more than R100,000. Maybe we will be able to give each student more than R10,000 or help more than just 10 students this year. It all depends on how well people respond to this Charity in Motion drive."

Last year Element Investment Management became the first corporate to come on board by donating R20,000 to the fund. On Friday, inspired by the spirit of the initiative, the Charity in Motion drive already drew reaction Govender's R10,000 inspired the MEC for Arts & Culture, Ivan Meyer, donated R1,000 in cash. In response, Sheik Achmat Sedick, chairperson of the MBC's Board of Trust donated R500 from his own salary and urged other individuals and corporates to match or better these contributions.