40 Hours of Pencak Silat Training at Goodwood Masjid

posted 17 Nov 2011, 00:38 by Aljaamiah Academy Administration

The Goodwood Islamic Society offers alternative, Islamic and beneficial activities this coming holidays for our youth. The society has approached the Silat team to have silat training at its premises. We offered an intensive, 40hours of silat whereby participants will learn all the basics of Silat empty handed combat. This program is aimed at the youth to combat boredom over the december holidays, and also to give them necessary lifeskills and confidence.

40 Hours of Pencak Silat Training at Goodwood Masjid

Youth can apply from ages 8 and up. The program starts Mon 12th December to be held 2 hours per day over 20days. Weekdays training only (mon-fri), to end on the Fri 6th January 2012 Insha-Allah. Begins in the morning from 9-11am.

It is our sincere intention to provide beneficial activities for our youth in an Islamic enviroment during the school holidays. Often do parents complain that their kids are bored at home during the holidays and there are no activities to occupy them. Many kids occupy themselves with useless activities and sometimes get upto mischief. As the course will only be followed on weekdays, parents can plan weekend activities and outings for their kids as usual.

Two hours of training per day would teach them how to defend themselves against attacks and how to deal with aggression. 40 hours of training over 20 days usually amounts to 3-6 months of training. The syllabus taught over this short period is usually taught in 1 year of silat training. On Completion of the course, participants will do a demonstration on the 7th january.

Participants will learn:

- Senam Silat & Pernafasan - Silat martial arts Exercises & Breathing

- Pelabat beladiri - Basis of silat self defense techniques including:

- Punching, kicking, blocks, footwork, Sweeps

- Serangan Tangan - Dealing with hand attacks using :

Langkah Elak evading technique, counter attacks, Kejatuhan dropping technique and Kuncian locks.

- Serangan Kaki - Dealing with Leg attacks using Sambut recieving techniques

- Jurus Satu Ibu kuning - Silat Form called Jurus


Boost Self esteem & Confidence

Fitness, strength and health

Learning a new culture & malay silat lingo

Respect & Discipline

participants will have Ujian Kecil Tahap Satu (minor grading of Level 1 Pukulan Melaka Silat Style)

They will recieve a yellow belt and Certificate upon successful completion of course

Requirements & Fees;

Complete the Application forms by no later than 30th november . The Course fee is R200 for the entire 40 hours. Fees include a Training T-shirt, Black training belt, and Grading yellow belt and certificate. Participants must be willing to take on a challenge. Punctuality and consistency as there will be no refunds if students do not turn up for the training.
Please try to register by the 30 November so that we may arrange correct Tshirt size, belt etc... females will have to be fully covered for training, so long sleeves should be worn underneath Tshirt.

Limited space available
contact Abang Faheem 0718698240 or email pukulanmelaka.sa@gmail.com