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40 Hours of Pencak Silat Training at Goodwood Masjid

posted 17 Nov 2011, 00:38 by Aljaamiah Academy Administration

The Goodwood Islamic Society offers alternative, Islamic and beneficial activities this coming holidays for our youth. The society has approached the Silat team to have silat training at its premises. We offered an intensive, 40hours of silat whereby participants will learn all the basics of Silat empty handed combat. This program is aimed at the youth to combat boredom over the december holidays, and also to give them necessary lifeskills and confidence.

40 Hours of Pencak Silat Training at Goodwood Masjid

Youth can apply from ages 8 and up. The program starts Mon 12th December to be held 2 hours per day over 20days. Weekdays training only (mon-fri), to end on the Fri 6th January 2012 Insha-Allah. Begins in the morning from 9-11am.

It is our sincere intention to provide beneficial activities for our youth in an Islamic enviroment during the school holidays. Often do parents complain that their kids are bored at home during the holidays and there are no activities to occupy them. Many kids occupy themselves with useless activities and sometimes get upto mischief. As the course will only be followed on weekdays, parents can plan weekend activities and outings for their kids as usual.

Two hours of training per day would teach them how to defend themselves against attacks and how to deal with aggression. 40 hours of training over 20 days usually amounts to 3-6 months of training. The syllabus taught over this short period is usually taught in 1 year of silat training. On Completion of the course, participants will do a demonstration on the 7th january.

Participants will learn:

- Senam Silat & Pernafasan - Silat martial arts Exercises & Breathing

- Pelabat beladiri - Basis of silat self defense techniques including:

- Punching, kicking, blocks, footwork, Sweeps

- Serangan Tangan - Dealing with hand attacks using :

Langkah Elak evading technique, counter attacks, Kejatuhan dropping technique and Kuncian locks.

- Serangan Kaki - Dealing with Leg attacks using Sambut recieving techniques

- Jurus Satu Ibu kuning - Silat Form called Jurus


Boost Self esteem & Confidence

Fitness, strength and health

Learning a new culture & malay silat lingo

Respect & Discipline

participants will have Ujian Kecil Tahap Satu (minor grading of Level 1 Pukulan Melaka Silat Style)

They will recieve a yellow belt and Certificate upon successful completion of course

Requirements & Fees;

Complete the Application forms by no later than 30th november . The Course fee is R200 for the entire 40 hours. Fees include a Training T-shirt, Black training belt, and Grading yellow belt and certificate. Participants must be willing to take on a challenge. Punctuality and consistency as there will be no refunds if students do not turn up for the training.
Please try to register by the 30 November so that we may arrange correct Tshirt size, belt etc... females will have to be fully covered for training, so long sleeves should be worn underneath Tshirt.

Limited space available
contact Abang Faheem 0718698240 or email

Cape Town Youth Invited to do 40 Day Silat course in Indonesia

posted 3 Nov 2011, 14:20 by Aljaamiah Academy Administration

The ASBD (Azhar SeniBela Diri) martial arts school invites young aspiring warriors from Cape Town to learn Pencak Silat, the Indonesian martial arts. Youth ideally aged between 14 - 21yrs can apply now, as the course will start the program by 1st december 2011 until 10th of january 2012. This course is a lifetime opportunity which will help our youth build their self-esteem and character through various training programs to benefit them mentally, physically and spiritually. A truly holistic experience connecting Cape Town with the homeland of its forefathers of Islam.
Four of Cape Towns youth will be able to grab this opportunity, while joining 5 youth from Johannesburg as well.

What does the program entail?
Silat martial arts training
workshops in leadership, marketing, indonesian language, indonesian islamic history, strategic management,
Indonesian export economic potential
visits to various places of interest
learn angklung - West javanese traditional music.
Sessions of Qiraah by Qori Mukhtar Ibnu, the Imam of the Azhar masjid in Jakarta

Students who successfully complete the program will become members of the Azhar Martial Arts organisation, and will be invited for further development programs. Successful applicants will be provided with food, accomodation and transport for the duration of the course, however applicants will bear the cost of their own return airfare.

Willingness to learn a different language, art and culture
The will to succeed and gain invaluable experience through travel 
No martial arts experience required
Ability to complete the full 40 day course
Airticket and Visa

Interested individuals can contact Faheem via the email address, or via our contact page (training venues) on this website Contact 0718698240


posted 6 Oct 2011, 05:28 by Aljaamiah Academy Administration   [ updated 7 Oct 2011, 01:34 ]

Assalamu Alaikum Waragmatoelahie Wabarakatoe,
The aim and objective for our CREATIVE MADRASSAH SOLUTIONS is for students to be in the Qur'an within 3-4 months and algamdoelilaah, we have reached that goal on the 4th June when we had our first Tamat. There were 9 children who entered the Qur'an & 9 children who finished the recitation of the Qur'an, aged from 9 years old up to 16 years old. 
The second Tamat of the Surah & the Tamat of the Qur'an will be held on the 28th October at Spine Road High Hall, Spine Road, Mitchells Plain. The function will be in the form of a High Tea your presence is requested to be at the hall at 17h30 to start at 18h00 Insha-Allah.
We ask & beg of you to make a concerted effort to attend this auspicious event and to show our children that we make a huge event of them entering & finishing the Qur'an. We always make a fuss when our children excels at school, they are in a school play but hardly or seldom do we make a fuss of our children that enters or finishes the Qur'an.  

We are in the process of trying to acquire premises as our madrassa has grown from 30 students to over 100 students. Our classes was scheduled mostly on a Saturday but has now moved to a Sunday as well & the hours are from 9h00 until 13h00, every Saturday & Sunday. We have had requests from parents to hold classes in the afternoon from Monday to Thursday, Saturday & Sunday mornings for the children, evening classes for adults, morning classes for females, a hifz class, etc. We have explained that we are only able to do this if & when we have our own premises.
Please make dua, that Allah (SUB) accept all our dua's, accept all our intentions to grow this madrassa to where we would like it to be & where it should be.
You may contact myself or Abduragmaan should you require any further information.
Your servant in Islam
Adnaan Jacobs
084 952 4620

BMW using a Footerbike for VOC Bursary fund!!

posted 6 Oct 2011, 03:50 by Aljaamiah Academy Administration

The 6th annual VOC Bursary Fund has been launched at the VOC Festival With a Difference at the Cape Town Market in Epping, but this year the project will be vastly different. As part of the annual project, VOC donates R100,000 of its festival profits in the form of bursaries to 10 deserving students. Thus far over R600,000 has been donated to more than 70 students.

But this year year, Auric Auto BMW Claremont has come on board to partner in the corporate social investment project, which has been dubbed Charity in Motion. The goal is for Teddy Govender, principal dealer of the company and avid athlete to run a distance of 300 km over the next six weeks, collecting as many pledges as possible toward the bursary fund. Govender kickstarted the project on Friday when he ran the first 10km from Pinelands Civic Centre to the Cape Town Market in Epping and put in the first R10,000 towards the Bursary Fund.

He will keep the momentum going on weekdays, running the 10km from Auric Auto in Claremont to the VOC studio between 6 and 7am from Monday to Friday for a total of 30 days. Besides collecting pledges from both corporates and VOC listeners who will be able to deposit their contributions directly into the MBC banking account, listeners who spot Govender on his morning run will also be eligible for spot prizes during the Breakfast Show.

"We often find that so many young children have potential to go study at a tertiary institution, but have no funding to do it. This is why the bursary fund was started six years ago and it is what inspired us to join the projec this year. So I urge people over the next 30 days to pledge what they can. I listened to one of the recipients of a bursary recently, who is now a 2nd year student at UCT.

"She would never have been given that chance if someone had not invested in her. So we are proud to create more opportunities taht will help others get a step closer to achieving their dreams," Govender related.  As for the physical toll on him, Govender said: "After running this first leg today, I can tell you, it was not a comfortable run. But nothing worth having comes without sacrifice, so in the giving is infinite blessing."

Listeners can deposit their contributions to the Bursary Fund directly into the account held in the name of the MBC at  FNB Salt River, acc 5026 1166 860, using the reference Bursary Fund. We also urge listeners to keep a sharp eye out for Teddy on the road so that they can be eligible for the spot prizes and stay tuned for more details on VOC," Bastra said.

Meanwhile, Nijema Hayat of the MBC Board of Trust officially launched the Bursary Fund on stage on Friday evening and invited members of the public to collect entry forms for the fund at the VOC lounge in the corporate exhibition area. "Since 2006, we have given bursaries to more than R70,000, but given the cost of education today a R10,000 bursary is hardly enough. So our intention is with this drive to give more than R100,000. Maybe we will be able to give each student more than R10,000 or help more than just 10 students this year. It all depends on how well people respond to this Charity in Motion drive."

Last year Element Investment Management became the first corporate to come on board by donating R20,000 to the fund. On Friday, inspired by the spirit of the initiative, the Charity in Motion drive already drew reaction Govender's R10,000 inspired the MEC for Arts & Culture, Ivan Meyer, donated R1,000 in cash. In response, Sheik Achmat Sedick, chairperson of the MBC's Board of Trust donated R500 from his own salary and urged other individuals and corporates to match or better these contributions. 

Sidi Ahmad Abu Ghazaleh comes to Cape Town this week!

posted 4 Oct 2011, 09:20 by Aljaamiah Academy Administration   [ updated 4 Oct 2011, 09:22 ]

Sidi Ahmad Abu Ghazaleh will be delivering the Jumuah Khutbah and lead the proceedings at the newly built Steenberg Masjid in Military rd, Steenberg. (from the M5, continue on to Prince George's drive all the way to Military rd turn-off) This happens this friday (7th October 2011). He will be here on a short but special visit, privately invited by Dr Goolam Hayat.
Of  Palestinian background, from the young age of five Ahmad Abu Ghazaleh has been singing Nasheed, reciting Qiraah and seeking Islamic knowledge. He is teh son of Great Aalim and Sufi, Shaykh Hazim Abu Ghazaleh from Palestine.

He is experienced in the art of Maqamaat (Middle Eastern melodies) and has produced a number of CDs including 'Hasbi Rabbi My Lord is Sufficient' and 'Ahmad Ya Habibi'. He has studied Maqaamat under the guidance of the famous Nasheed artist, poet, author and teacher Ustadh Ameen At-Tirmidhi of Syria. 

He holds Ijaazahs (Licences) in Quraan Recitation and other Islamic Disciplines. Sidi Ahmad is especially active in bridging the gap between Muslim and non-Muslim communities in Queensland (australia) and is regularly invited to contribute in Festivals and Conferences nationally and internationally. He is an Islamic Educationalist engaged in adult, teen and primary education.
For those who wish to welcome Sidi Ahmad to the shores of Cape Town, he will be arriving on Thursday 6 Oct at 4pm at the Cape Town International Airport. On behalf of the Qadiri Shadhili Tariqa, we welcome Sidi Ahmad and his family and wish them a relaxing and refreshing stay in Cape Town.
Weekly Friday Hadhra Dhikr with Sidi Ahmad at Masjidul Kareem, 11th Avenue, Eagle Park. Starting at 9.00pm.

Rachid Koraïchi - the Winner of the Jameel Prize 2011

posted 27 Sept 2011, 05:13 by Aljaamiah Academy Administration   [ updated 27 Sept 2011, 06:29 ]

Algerian born Rachid Koraïchi has won the £25,000 Jameel Prize for a selection of embroidered cloth banners from a series entitled Les Maitres invisibles (The Invisible Masters), 2008. Martin Roth, Director of the V&A, Hasan Jameel and Ed Vaizey MP, presented Rachid Koraïchi with the prize at a ceremony at the V&A on Monday 12 September.

The Judges felt that Rachid’s work matches the aims of the Jameel Prize through its qualities of design and reliance on traditional craft. They particularly admired how he has made his great spiritual and intellectual lineage accessible to all through the graphic language he has created out of his artistic heritage.

Koraïchi uses Arabic calligraphy, and symbols and ciphers from a range of other languages and cultures to explore the lives and legacies of the 14 great mystics of Islam. The work aims to show that the world of Islam, in contrast to contemporary perceptions of crisis and violence, has another side entirely, evident in the tolerant and sophisticated writings of great Muslim thinkers and poets such as Rumi and El Arabi. These ‘masters’, whose fame has spread even to the West, left an imprint on successive generations and their message is just as relevant today as when first written down.


Awarded every two years, the Jameel Prize is an international art prize for contemporary artists and designers inspired by Islamic traditions of craft and design. The Prize aims to raise awareness of the thriving interaction between contemporary practice and the rich artistic heritage of Islam, and to contribute to a broader debate about Islamic culture.

Launched in 2009, the winner of the first Jameel Prize was Afruz Amighi for her work 1001 Pages (2008), an intricate hand-cut screen made from the woven plastic used to construct refugee tents. Afruz is on the judging panel for the 2011 Prize. (Read the interview with Afruz Amighi in the 6th issue of Islamic Arts Magazine -

An exhibition of work by the winner and nine other short-listed artists and designers runs until 25 September. The exhibition will then embark on an international tour travelling to venues across the United States and Europe including the Institut du Monde Arabe, Paris in winter 2011/12; the Casa Árabe, Madrid in spring/summer 2012; the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston in autumn 2012; and Cantor Arts Center, Stanford University in winter 2012/13. The Jameel Prize 2009 exhibition visited six venues across the Middle East and was seen by a total of 49,161 visitors. The Jameel Prize 2009 was the first V&A exhibition to visit Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, the UAE and Morocco.

Professor Martin Roth, chair of the judging panel and Director of the V&A, says “Rachid’s work stood out because his banners have a universal appeal. They work in the white space of a contemporary art gallery, but they also hold their own in historical settings – from Parisian palaces to simple Sufi shrines.” The winner was decided by a panel of judges chaired by Professor Martin Roth, Director of the V&A. The judges were: Wassan Al-Khudhairi, Director, Mathaf: Arab Museum of Modern Art, Qatar; Navid Akhtar, Executive Director, Gazelle Media; Afruz Amighi, artist; and Dina Bakhoum, Conservation Programme Manager, The Aga Khan Trust for Culture, Egypt

The nine other short-listed artists and designers are Noor Ali Chagani, Monir Shahroudy Farmanfarmaian, Bita Ghezelayagh, Babak Golkar, Hayv Kahraman, Aisha Khalid, Hazem El Mestikawy, Hadieh Shafie and Soody Sharifi. (see

The Jameel Prize is conducted in partnership with Abdul Latif Jameel Community Initiatives (ALJCI). The prize was conceived after the redesign and redisplay of the V&A’s Jameel Gallery of Islamic Art, which opened in July 2006. The gallery is an outstanding presentation of the rich artistic heritage of the Islamic world, and the prize aims to raise awareness of the thriving interaction between contemporary practice and this great historical heritage. It has also contributed to a broader understanding of Islamic culture and its place in the world. The 2011 Jameel Prize exhibition is curated by Tim Stanley, senior curator of the V&A’s Middle Eastern collection, with Salma Tuqan, V&A’s Middle East curator of contemporary art.

Biographical Information on Rachid Koraïchi

Rachid Koraïchi (b. 1947, Ain Beida, Algeria) lives and works between Tunisia and France. He studied at the Institute of Fine Arts in Algeria before moving to Paris in 1971, where he continued his studies at a variety of institutions including the National School of Decorative Arts. He has exhibited in many international group exhibitions including Isla (Islam), Centro Cultural Banco do Brasil, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (2010); The Future of Tradition - The Tradition of Future, Haus der Kunst, Munich (2010); Short Century (Munich, Berlin, Chicago and New York, 2001-02); the 47th and 49th Venice Biennale (1997 and 2001); and Word into Art, British Museum, London (2006). His work is included in major public collections worldwide including the British Museum, London; the National Museum for African Art, Washington DC and the Museum of Islamic Arts, Doha. Although his aesthetics are deeply rooted in his multicultural Algerian heritage, Rachid Koraïchi has a global outlook. The starting point for his work is calligraphy but his practice extends to ceramics, textiles and metalwork.

About Abdul Latif Jameel Community Initiatives (ALJCI)

Abdul Latif Jameel Community Initiatives (ALJCI) is committed to furthering and promoting opportunities for thousands of young Saudi men and women each year through its job creation initiative called BAB Rizq Jameel (BRJ). BRJ has created more than 45,010 jobs in 2010 and has created more than 175,101 jobs since inception in 2003. The Jameel Prize tour is one of its increasing numbers of international initiatives in the Middle East and North Africa.

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