"The ink of a scholar is Holier than the blood of a matyr"

Curriculum for the year  2012 -duration  3 – 4 Years

Outcome: The outcome upon completion of this course will be a completion of the entire Qur’an in memory and in writing as well as grading in Seni Silat Pukulan melaka.
i. Tajweed & Arabic Literacy (Reading & Writing)
ii. Hifth
iii. Fiqh & Aqeedah (Ref: Reliance of the Traveller , Al-Mufeedah & other Sources like Tuhfatul Ikhwaan)
iv. Adab Wal Adhkaar (Ettiquette & Dua’s & Islamic History & Naseegah … Various Sources)
v. Khatt (Calligraphy & Islamic Art)
vi. Simaa’ (session for listening to Qur’an on CD/and Videos)
vii. Seni Silat – malay martial arts & sport
viii. Bahasa Indonesia
ix. Inshaad (includes Qaseedah’s, moulud riwayaat & percussion)
Overview of subjects


- Softcover notebook & 0.3 fineliner , HB pencils,Sharpener (no Erasers).
- Text book, Murshid-Al-Qari.
NB: Subjects will be taught with the assistance of visuals & white board.

Hifth Requirements

- Qur’an, 15 lines Print (Saudi Print)
- 300 page hardcover notebook
Students will write their full lesson daily, at the completion of their hifth they would have written the entire Qur’an themselves. This method is adopted from North African method of memorizing, but slightly modified. Writing down what you have learnt will aim to solidify the image of the Quran in the brain and engrave it on the heart Insha Allah.

Fiqh & Aqeedah

- al-Mufeedah,
- notes will be supplied
- flipfile , 30 page
- pen
- Notebook hardcover
Students will get the basic fundamentals of Fiqh ranging from the pillars of Islam, as well as the Belief system. The final year students will be taught Nikaah as well. Shafi fiqh will be the standard.

Khatt & Art

Students will also be introduced to basic History of Islamic art and projects will be carried out with the guidance of the teacher. Projects will be simplified, and some projects will include teamwork. Artwork of students will be displayed at the Academy functions.
- Bamboo or reed sticks (available at Stodels) x 3
- Roll of fax paper
- Ink will be supplied by teacher
- good quality craft knife


Bahasa Indonesia

Students will be taught basic conversational Indonesian language. This will provide a fun session for students to interact and learn more about the Indonesian language and culture. A short display of dialogue will also take place at Academy functions.
- Notebook & pen
- Notes will be supplied by teacher



- Comfortable clothing with option to buy Seragam (silat uniform) (baju silat / silat pants and top, bengkong /belt)

- Boys : track pants and t-shirts

- Girls: track pants, long t-shirt with long sleeves and scarf.

Considering the crime rate in South Africa, we feel the need to firstly equip our students with self defense techniques. Boys and girls will take part in this activity on a daily basis. Students will also be taught Senaman Tua, which is ancient Malay exercises forming part of silat education. Silat workouts will not only strengthen the muscles but in turn strengthen brainpower because of the increased inhalation of oxygen.

Senaman Tua is a sequence of ancient malay exercises aimed to increase strength in muscles and joints of the body through effective breathing and movement. Many of the exercises were actually extracted from the Malay Martial arts practice called Seni Silat or Pencak Silat (pronounced penchak). Formerly, this knowledge was a closely guarded secret by the malays and only recently revealed to the public by Guru Azlan Ghanie. Guru Azlan himself has recovered from paralysis caused by stroke, and now he shares his knowledge to benefit everyone. Some ailments which can be helped through Senaman Tua are diabetes, asthma, frozen shoulder, arthritis, headaches, obesity etc.

The Style of Silat which will be taught is Seni Silat pukulan melaka but other silat styles could be introduced.

Four elements of Silat will be taught:
1) Beladiri – Self Defense
2) Olah Raga – Sport
3) Seni – Artistic movement
4) Isi / Ilmu kebatinan / Kerohanian - Mental Spritual Element




Students will be taught Arabic and malay nasheeds /and also taught to play the Daf (arab drum and other percussion). Inshaad will also help students with musicality so that this knowledge be applied with recitation of the Quran in different melodies. Because this session will be done in a group, it will help boost the confidence of those who lacks confidence as they will feel better to sing in a group than alone. Those with good voices will be taught some Solo nasheeds called Qasaaíd Ifraadiyyah. It will also help calm and relax as well as stimulate the brain and heart. Traditional Sufi Nasheeds will be used, and students will also learn the Riwaayaat of the Moulud Barzanjiy as well as the Qiyaam in Capetonian style.


In this session, students will be shown videos or be played CDs of Qurraa i.e.; Sheikh Abdul Baasit, Manshaawiy, Mustafaa Ismail etc. so that they will love to listen to the Quran being recited. We will use interactive media e.g videos from Indonesia by Qori Mukhtar Ibnu teaching Maqaamaat / tarannum / Naghamaat/ Quranic melodies and methods of using your voice.

This session will be flexible as we might also decide to play CD’s or videos relating to other subjects like Inshaad, Silat, Art etc..


Adab Wal Adhkaar:

This period / session will be reserved for Jumuah in order to build up and climax the spirituality and Adab for the sacred Waqt. Students will be given advice, and discourse on the lives of the Prophets, Sahaabah, and Saaliheen. We will also take this opportunity to introduce some hadeeth as well as Sunnah Dua’s and Islamic etiquette. Hopefully this will serve to inculcate high respect and humility in the students before proceeding for Jumuah Solah.