After you have watched the instructional video above, attain Practiced status on each of the following topics in Khan Academy. You must sign in to Khan Academy using your school google account each time you work on these assignments.  Make sure you add Ms. Strader & Mrs. Scheer as coaches before you begin any of the assignments. Don't know how? Then you didn't watch the video!

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Adding and Subtracting Fractions


Multiplying Fractions


Negative Exponents

Point Slope Form

Multi-step Equations with Distribution

Solving Equations in Terms of a Variable

Systems of Equations



Factoring Quadratics 1


Factoring Quadratics 2

Equivalent Forms of
Exponential Expressions



Watch the following videos and take notes.  Once finished, print and complete the practice worksheet with the help of your notes if necessary. Use the answer key to check your work.  Try to figure out any mistakes you made.  If you believe that you need more practice, try the optional Khan Academy exercises. You are responsible for learning this material on your own but there will be a few minutes for questions you may have specifically about the questions on the practice.  

 Topic        Video Practice Answer Key Khan Academy (optional)

Function Notation 

Interval & Set Notation

Domain & Range



 Understanding Function Notation
Evaluating Expressions with Function Notation

Domain & Range 
from a Graph 

Domain of a Function