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   Classifying and Simplifying
   Polynomial Expressions

   Graphing Polynomial Functions

classify a polynomial by degree and number of terms.

simplify a polynomial and write it in standard form.

add, subtract and multiply polynomials.

sketch a polynomial function with the correct zeros & end behavior.

write an equation of a polynomial function from a table or graph given its zeros. 






Graph Matching


     Polynomial Modeling

           LaGrange Interpolation

write a polynomial equation for any set of given points (ordered pairs).




Linear Regression

use the graphing calculator to determine a polynomial regression model for a data set.

use a regression model to predict within the data set.

     Dividing Polynomials 

            Long Division

            Synthetic Division


divide polynomials using long division.

divide polynomials using synthetic division (when possible).

determine if a polynomial is a factor of another polynomial.

solve polynomial equations given one of its solutions.

determine the remainder when any polynomial is divided by a linear polynomial.


Why synthetic division works?




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   Factoring by Grouping

factor polynomials by grouping if possible.

factor the sum and difference of cubes.


   Binomial Theorem

use the binomial theorem expand a binomial expression raised to a positive integer power.

identify terms of a binomial expansion without determining the entire expansion.



   Fundamental Theorem of Algebra

   Rational Root Theorem

identify the number of complex roots of any polynomial equation.

identify the possible rational roots of any polynomial equation.

determine all rational roots of any polynomial equation.


Fundamental Theorem of Algebra

Rational Root Theorem


   Irrational Root Theorem

   Non-Real Root Theorem

identify the congujate roots of a polynomial equation when applicable.

recognize that any polynomial equation with non-real roots must have an even number of non-real roots.


Conjugate Root Theorems


determine a polynomial model for a contextualized problem (ex/ volume).

use a graphing calculator to identify extrema, zeros or other significant values when a "real-life situation" can be modeled by a polynomial function.


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