Welcome to Algebra 2 CP1!

This website will be an invaluable resource for your success in this course. Use the tabs above to navigate the site. 

Below are some tips and reminders.

What's your homework for next class? Use the homework calendars to help you. Homework assignments are displayed on the date they are assigned, and should be completed by the following class day. Don't forget to check this calendar regularly! You can also see when upcoming assessments will take place.

All of the notes on video are organized by unit. Within each unit, the videos are organized by topic. This is where you will find all of the assigned videos. When taking notes on a video, you should make sure you are not distracted by anything. You should be both watching and listening during this process. It is OK to rewind and re-watch as much as you need to!

If you are absent for any reason, you are expected to stay up to date on the assignments. Check the homework calendar and watch any videos that were assigned.

Studying for a quiz or a test? All of the videos will remain on the website throughout the whole school year. Feel free to go back and refresh your memory on any particular topic.

Do you have any suggestions for additional Algebra topics or problems about which you would like to see a video? Send me an email at ikillgoar@framingham.k12.ma.us.