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     Prepare to be engaged as you delve into the great mind of Alan White, The Greatest Man of Manly Manliness.
     Of course, that is strictly an opinion. No one can be more manly than any other man unless another manly man decides one is manlier than the other. 
     But you don't want to hear about how manly I am. 
     You'd like to know how I got to become so manly. So turn off those side YouTube videos, unplug your earphones/headphones, and turn off that annoying game that your playing... it's starting to hurt my ears.., 
     and get ready to read the greatest manly adventure that you've ever had the pleasure of reading!

'Tis a picture of said Man just so you have an image
along with several others as to what this manly man
actually looks like. No, sadly, I am not the man from
those amazingly, manly Old Spice videos, but,
I believe I can compete.