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Brief Action Line

To empower communities that they may solve their problems for better change in society, economics conditions and make them self sentient.

To mobilize community by conducting training motivation as programmes and aware them about health, education, Human Rights and Community Development by incrassating and involvements participation in these activities and involvement of communities for betterment.

To empower community for sustainable development with their participation and utilization of their skills and resources.

To provide held in quality education operation, institutions and with trainings, To provide health education to community.
Women bear almost all responsibility for meeting basic needs of the family, yet are systematically denied the resources, information and freedom of action they need to fulfill this responsibility.
The vast majority of the world’s poor are women. Two-thirds of the world’s illiterates are female. Of the millions of school age children not in school, the majority are girls.

The current world food price crisis is having a severe impact on women. Around the world, millions of people eat two or three times a day, but a significant percentage of women eat only once. And, now, many women are denying themselves even that one meal to ensure that their children are fed. These women are already suffering the effects of even more severe malnutrition, which inevitably will be their children’s fate as well. The impact of this crisis will be with us for many years.

Studies show that when women are supported and empowered, all of society benefits. Their families are healthier, more children go to school, agricultural productivity improves and incomes increase. In short, communities become more resilient.

The Hunger Project firmly believes that empowering women to be key change agents is an essential element to achieving the end of hunger and poverty. Wherever we work, our programs aim to support women and build their capacity.

To work for the betterment of socio economics conditions of grower, farmers, peasants, and pastorals.

The strange point is this important problem is not pointed by the health sector these days in normal situations gynecologist, obstetrician (Lady Dr.) so the women rural areas have to face untrained dai’s as well all know nutritional position of women and children as also worst. Mostly the are anemic under weight due to non supply food and ignorance we request to all that we have suggestion.

Arrange portable water, water purifying tablet to the community.

Supply of mosquito repellents and nets to the community.

Supply of ample quantity and quality of food.

Moving are hiring lady doctors pediatrician from tertiary hospitals at Tehseel level they should served 24 hours.

Moving mobile medical teams to the fat villages for identify major and minor illness and treatment of minor ailments on the spot.

Arranging more numbers of ambulances to the rural area to move series patients to district head quarter hospital or else where.
 Most important as we are facing the emerging problem of dengue mosquito Sprays should be done in rural villages.

In the last the basic solution to all these problem is health education to the community medical teams should of to village to village teaching to community about the prevention of various diseases as by use of mosquito repellents, net and importance of boiled water and hygiene use of soap after going to wash room educating the balance diet reconviction of general disease. There should be demonstration about how to purify water. 

Inshallah if those types’ peoples support us for those who know worked and national level issues him sincere and working and who working day in and night and its hard struggle they going one day will come when people will become strong stable.
Those who respects institute and young generation need to come to solve these problems and provide help.