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For the betterment of education, a campaign will be launched among the common people for exposing the importance of education. So that, the maximum parents could be motivated to send their kids to school except of doing labor.

This community based initiative of the AJIZ Union of Development Concern will actively engage with the community. Surveys, seminars, awareness programs will very helpful to implications for the community and all people involved. The principal benefits will one of cultural understanding, appreciation of the need to celebrate diversity, the importance of education and the preservation of culture and heritage.

The roles of the Ajiz Union of Development Concern will shown to be vital to the delivery of the programmers. Everywhere, there is a growing need to recognize, acknowledge and accept multiculturalism and celebrate diversity. The final authority of any language and culture are the true owners of that language and culture. Therefore, the Communities everywhere, will include education programmers; seminars for the awareness of inherit knowledge. This knowledge is worthy of study and should be preserved. These accords will well with those existing outside it. The aim is should be to advance the education of communities.

Literacy rate can be raised through these types of efforts moreover it, centers for “Ta’leem-e-balghan” for both male and female the genders will be set up with assistance of local community. This will also uplift the literacy scale furthermore very basic aim of the foundation is to create a major positive difference in very low literacy scale of Distt. Hafizabad, for implementation of foundation’s tasks, the foundation will get assistance from foundation’s personal resources, local community, NGOs and governmental organization.

The foundations will actively engage a community and will examine the benefits and implications. The foundation will become a vehicle of change. The world today is an ever-changing world. To cope with change we must have the ability to understand. Education provides the key to understanding. The people of First Nations, the example use during the session have come to know, understand and appreciate the importance of higher education. A question still remains that although today people talk about indigenous knowledge, traditional education, and emotional intelligence and intellectual property right (IPR), it is a well known fact that documentation plays a role. What steps will be being taken to facilitate documentation in disadvantaged communities? What will the provisions, if any, will in place for further developments in indigenous knowledge, etc, to help inform research on an international scale?

There may not be immediate solutions to these questions. However the introduction and implementation of community-based initiatives such the one from other NGOs could help in seeking and reaching some solutions to address the questions and spread the education each and every one.