What we want to get to is this place where it’s just us and we recognized that we are all human and we’re all in this together but we’ve got to learn our way into that over time… I really encourage the people on the service side to think about how wonderful it will be to have people who are truly empowered to take control in their lives and who are truly empowered to do things to keep themselves well. What happens when people are in that position is that I now come to the professionals for the things that the professionals are actually equipped to help me with? I’m focused on the things that the professionals can really serve.

An aim of the this foundation will to learn more about what helps to promote and support recovery from common health problems and to share that information as widely as possible. Hence, the Network will instigate a series of seminars where issues around recovery and approaches to facilitating recovery could be publicized and explored. In keeping with the aims of the Network the seminars are for a wide variety of groups including people who have experience of common health problems, their friends, families, careers and service providers - both within and out with common health services. The foundation will do seminar in the series for the Recovery Action Plans which will a widely used self management and recovery system will develop in the Rural areas as well as Pindi Bhattian through Ajiz union of Development Concern which will try its best to overcome and get experience about common health problems and illness.

To sum up this topic the Purpose of the foundation, it will give a wide variety of people the opportunity to aware more about common health problems – its recovery principles, the daily recovery concepts, how it will develop and how it will work and use.

The seminar will to prompt learning about common health problems. It will provide a chance for the audience to think about and question how we could recover both promoting recovery from long-term common health problems, and to get the experience of common health or illness, or to their work.