Aims & Objectives

  •   To secure the youth from social evils and to promote them towards better education, youth should be make industries.
  •   To establish rehabilitation centers resources center, vocation center (specially for females) for the disable and for the working labouring children and women.
  •   To empower communities for sustainable development with their participation and utilization for their resources and skill.
  •   To make general awareness about modern technology and quality education and to under take research and operate college institute and resources center.
  •   To promote cultural and traditional productivity handicraft are and activities by organizing exhibition fairs, displays and demonstration.
  •   To provide basic health education to the community and to cop with epidemic disease and to operate basic health units in remote area.
  •   To provide law protection to the community and to cop with epidemic disease and to operate law, protection units in remote area.
  •   To provide vocational and skill development trainings.
  •   To introduce amusement atmosphere for women's and children's across the villages.
  •   The voice up against bad concepts
  •   The makes stronger a labour on this community establishing the basic training programs which helps them.
  •   For a healthy and clean atmosphere.
  •   For women's need to instead as kind of basic units which they learn tailor and other home work.