Importance of Practice Facilities

Post date: July, 2022

Practice facilities are important amenities at every golf course. They offer “real life” game situations to practice prior to playing a round of golf, or immediately afterwards. They also serve as a “gateway” for new or beginning players to learn the basics of ball-striking, shot making in a variety of circumstances. Since these facilities are often visible from the clubhouse area as a “first look” or impression of the course, it is important that they are well kept, good looking and are versatile from the play standpoint. With the importance of value added to golf facilities with dollars allotted for course improvements, it is important for managers, owners and superintendents to have your golf course architect evaluate these facilities, or assist with determining new opportunities for designing and building well-rounded practice areas.

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BG&TC Practice Range Rendering - June 23, 2015.pdf
Concept drawing of a versatile practice field offering the option of linkages of a short practice hole course