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                             AI  ARCHITECT tm
                                                 Technology  Solutions
      ASC SYSTEMS offers advanced  Information-Technology Systems, -with
 integrated Broadband and LAN/WiMax Networking capabilities, for Enterprise
                 Computing and business automation operations, including implementation and
                 systems/software support solutions.
                         Enhanced I-T Systems performance and reliability is also facilitated thru the
                 utilization of state-of-the-art computer and network products from  major industry
                 suppliers, including:  H-P,  IBM, Cisco, Apple  & Compatibles, - for:
                                                         NET SERVERS                       
                                                       DATA STORAGE
                                                     MEDIA & CONTENT
/                                                  MOBIILITY &  COMM.                      
                                                   CLOUD  COMPUTING
                                                   INTERNET TV/VIDEO 
                                                  NETWORK  SECURITY
                                                  IMAGING / PRINTERS
                                                 LAN/WAN  NETWORKS
                                              ENTERPRISE COMMERCE
                                           ANALYTICS  INTELLIGENCE
                            Information Technology Systems professional support services are       
                      provided for development of computer Data-Centers and WAN/Mobile
                      Networks, encompasing:                          
                         AI TECHNOLOGY                                     NETWORKING
                                    Intelligence Solutions                               I-T/Network Analysis
                     Processsing Management                          Services Specifications
                    Energy/Demand Response                       Networking/Data Security
               Cloud Computing/Virtualization                Mobility & Security Solutions
                         Please  contact AI?ARCHITECT  directly for I-T project evaluations
                 and technical support or procurement/leasing recomendations:
                                                   AI  ARCHITECT tm
                                                  Call:      248-438-5522

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