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The Intelligent  Autonomous Driving and Vehicle Guidance Systems -For Automatic direction and avoidance of impending incidents from  approaching Vehicles, Pedestrians or Obstructions. 

    - These Autonomous System's advanced Vision Sensors, - plus the

Predictive A/I Computer Systems, with the Graphic Driving Displays, enable Drivers  to be dynamically alerted, and to automatically activate the Vehicle Braking and Speed or Steering controls, -before an actual collision occurs; - -

\thereby significantly diminishing the risks of injury or accident.

  - Electively, collaborative intelligence features are available for:

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Interactive Networking, Cellular Messaging, GPS / Mapping, Traffic / Travel Conditions, Safety / Security Allerts and Infotainmwnt Selections. 

Vehicle  Autonomous - Driving  Systems
tm -


  - These Autonomous Vehicle Driving Systems are offered for: -
    -Automated Destination / Routing, Operating Control and Avoidance / Alerting of potential Safety / Traffic incidents, - w9th synchronized activation of Vehicle
Driving and Braking functions, for:

    -Automotive, Commercial or Industrial Vehicles, and to provide major

        improvements in Transit, Safety, Driving and Tracking operations.

The Autonomous Driving Systems can automatically monitor the dynamic motion, location, proximity and identification characteristics of relative objects within a Vehicle's paths & periphery, to discern if driving performance is within predicted safety parameters.  

     Additionally, the A/I Driving and Guidance Systems can employ Advanced 3-D Vision Sensors, for Driver-Alerts & Video-Displays to indicate predcted automated braking actions, or critical vehicle maneuvers needed to avoid potential accidents or injuries. 

iMOBILE  Automonpus Driving and Guidance Systems:

        - By utilizing Day/Night Vision, Optic or Radar & Sonic Obstacle and  Presence Sensors, these Vehicle Guidance and Driving Systems are designed for Adaptive and Intelligent Monitoring, Alarming and Control      of Operation, Steering, Acceleration and Braking performance parameters for:  automotive, truck or off-road vehicles, including:
OBSTACLE Avoidance:            PERFORMANCE CoNTROLS:         

          -Vehicle Rates/Distances               -Speed, Acceleration & Yaw            
Parking Ranges              -Manual / Automatic Braking 
          -Front/Rear/Sides Images              -Steering/Tracking Maneuvers
    The powerful Autonomous Vehicle Driving Systems now permit dynamic monitoring of main day/night driving
safety functions, analysis of possible obstacle characteristics and control or alarming of vehicle performance, steering  or braking functions.      Multiple vehicle collision and safety functions can be monitored and alarmed, including: obstacle ranges, object types, closing rates, response times and predictive response actions, performance parameters or braking characteristics.

     -These modular Vehicle Collision Avoidance Systems feature both a powerful Micro-Processor sub-system with integral Graphic Data-Display and Alarm options, plus:, WiMx and I/D Networking; -with Adaptive/Intelligent Sensory/Detector interfaces for Optic/Sonic 
Analog/Digital signals.   Imbedded software options also now facilitate real-time response for Obstacle Recognition, Object Inferencing/ Analysis, and Predictive Alarming, with Performance/Control Optimization and adaptive Feed-back options; plus remote/ wireless network communications .   

     -The Systems can include Day/Night OmniVision
 and Proximity Sensors for the monitoring or control of specific vehicle performance and braking parameters, ie:
               -Speed/Acceleration/Course           -Obstacle Ranges &
               -Driving/Road Parameters                -Braking/Tracking Signals
               -Adaptive Cruise Controls                -Manual
Electro Steering

    This Collision Avoidance System's advanced MicroProcessor and System Software permits incorporation of: - - event-driven Object/Logical Algorithms and/or Expert Programming options to statistically analyze, predict and monitor multi-functional parameters, thereby enhancing on-line vehicle response, performance and control operations; -relative to driving, braking and safety specifications. 
    -Interactive operator guidance features are included with these Mobile Systems, incorporating dynamic GUI Touch-Screen Graphic Displays and Processor/Memory expansion modules for dynamic analysis of Objects, Roads
 & Vehicle characteristics, including: - - braking and steering specifications, vehicle operating parameters, predictive range statistics, and/or on-line incident alarms &
 event/accident metrics. 
    -These reliable adaptive Vehicle Collision Avoidance Systems can now incorporate the following modular options:
I. A/I Processor & uComputer Logic        II. OmniViewtm LCD Color Display

   Expandable Flash 
& Eprom Memory           Driver OmniViewtm/Alarms/Msgs. 
   Integral Micro-Disk Storage Option                   Data/Menu Entry: Touch Console
   Adaptive A/I and Identity Algorithms                iPhone/Mobile Remote I/O Option

MultiSignal Analog/Digital Converter      
III. Vehicle Sensors and Controllers

   Fail-Safe: 12 or 24 V. Battery Power              Day/Night-Vision,Radar,Laser,Sonic 
& WiFi/WiMx www.Networks          Brake/Steering/Track/Audio Alarm
     -The i/MOBILE  AUTONOMOUS DRIVING SYSTEMS are supported by competent  staff Technical/Engineering services, as well as comprehensive on-line libraries of support Software for object monitoring, driving evaluation and vehicle systems analytics, from:

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