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                                                    Automata  Inntegration


                                                    Facilities / Development


                                 ENGINEERING / TECHNOLOGY  SOLUTIONS

   A / I SYSTEMS provides visionary Consulting and Engineering Service for

Design & Development of Commercial, Industrial and Infrastructure facilities.


              Professional Design / Engineering Technologies are available, including:

                                Consulting, Planning, Managment and Development, - to offer integrated & 

                                multi-discipline solutions for:
                                                              - PROJECT MANAGEMENT

                                                              - PLANNING AND ANALYSIS

                                                              - INFRASTRUCTURE DESIGN

                                                              - FACILITY / PROCESS TECH

                                                              - DEVELOPMENT ALLIANCES

                                                              - FEASIBILITY & VALUATIONS 


                                                              - PROFESSIONAL ENGINEERING

                                                              - SPECIALIZED  TECHNOLOGIES

                                                              - TRANSPORT and AUTOMATION     

                                                              - ENERGY AND POWER SYSTEMS

                                                              - SMART-GRID NETS / CONTROLS


                                                               - LEED / GREEN FACILITY DESIGN

                                                               - MECHANICAL-HVAC-ELECTRICAL

                                                               - ENVIRONMENT & CONSERVATION

                                                               - SECURITY AND COMMUNICATIONS

                                                               - INTERNATIONAL  DEVELOPMENT


                       A/I  SYSTEMS offers Integrated Engineering services, Strategic Consulting

          solutions and Advanced Technologies for the design and management of commercial

          facility and infrastructure development projects. 

                   Additionally, volunteer Consulting and Technology Services are now provided

         for support of specified Charitable, Community and Social organizations. 



        - PRICES:    - A/I Systemstm Counseling and Developmrnt services

                               are offered at economical rates:     - Please  RFQ
                                                        (Subject to Options / Specs)
                  NOTE:    The services are not offered or available where prohibited.

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