Welcome to the Mondala Research Group!

Our research group is interested in exploring and engineering processes that harness the intrinsic capabilities of natural microbial systems for purposes that are beneficial to the planet earth and humankind, in particular for the production of value-added bio-based products from renewable biomass and waste materials using efficient, economical, and environmentally sustainable technologies. 


Contact Information

Dr. Andro Mondala - Lab Director
Assistant Professor
Department of Chemical and Paper Engineering
Western Michigan University

Office: A-228 Parkview Campus Bldg.
Lab: A-116 Parkview Campus Bldg.

Mailing Address:
4601 Campus Drive
Mailstop 5462 
Kalamazoo, MI 49008

Phone: +1 (269) 276-3508
Fax: +1 (269) 276-3501
E-mail: andro.mondala@wmich.edu