Welcome to AIN

AIN along the value chain

The agricultural sector
is important to Kenya’s growth and prosperity: it contributes 26% of Gross Domestic Product directly and another 25% indirectly; it provides employment to 60% of employed Kenyans and generates 65% of Kenya’s foreign exchange (over KES 200 billion per annum). The agricultural sector feeds the people of Kenya and offers livelihoods for the majority of Kenyan people. The performance of the Kenyan economy closely links to performance of the agricultural sector.
The Agricultural Industry Network
(AIN) brings together over 40 Business Member Organisations (BMOs) representing key players along the entire value chain: producers, processors, traders, employees and consumers. This is The Voice of the Agricultural Sector.

Mission: AIN will represent the Agricultural Sector along its entire value chain, to advocate, drive the private sector agenda in the Agricultural Sector, as a resourceful partner of government, to formulate better legislation for a growing agricultural sector.

What does AIN do?

AIN will share information, mobilise expertise and create capacity to:

  1. identify opportunities to improve regulations in the agricultural sector
  2. support members' efforts in advocacy, by:
  • creating linkages to the Government of Kenya
  • improving access to media
  • creating alliances where possible, to support members' positions.