Frequently Asked Questions

Please be in touch with any questions you have that are not covered on this page.

For Exhibitors

  • What happens if I sell something that I have listed on one of my other online stores and on the FoG 'Made It' store before the event?

Just let us know via email and then upload a new item for us to list in your Made it Store. We are happy for you to cross list items in both shops – you will just need to keep a good eye on things and let us know as soon as its sold.

  • I do not reside in Australia – can I participate in the Virtual Expo?

The FoG is unable to accept exhibitors who do not reside in Australia for participation in the 2021 Festival of Glass Expo. It is a condition of the our partner that all items sold must be handcrafted in Australia.

  • When can I start sending items for listing in my booth?

Items can be set up from late October 2020.

  • When does my online exhibit end?

This will depend on the Tier Level package you chose when you registered.

Tier 1: 7 Mar 2021, Tier 2: 21 Mar 2021, Tier 3 & Tier 4: 21 May 2021.


  • What happens if I have registered as an exhibitor but can no longer participate in the virtual FoG Expo?

Please let us know in writing as soon as possible by email. The FoG is run by a not-for-profit organisation and it must cover all costs associated with the FoG. Cancellation fees will be handled by negotiation with the FoG Committee and in line with our Terms and Conditions.


  • Will the FoG provide financial support for exhibitors? Can the FoG sponsor exhibitors?

The Festival of Glass is a not-for-profit organization and therefore is unable to provide financial assistance to individuals who cannot afford the charges (registration fees) that may be incurred in attending our Festival. We can only provide financial support for exhibitors if we receive sponsorship or specific grant-aid for specific delegates.

In 2021 we have received grant aid from Regional Arts Victoria to sponsor a number of Regional Victorian Artists. Please link here for further information.


  • Can the FoG print copies of the notes and handouts I want to give to the people that attend my session?

The FoG is unable to print notes, slides, readings or handouts for presenters to distribute in their sessions.

Before COVID-19

2016 Festival of Glass Expo

Inside Christian College, Drysdale setting up before the crowds arrive.

Photo: Chris Adam