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Welcome to the AFER Labs website. AFER stands for Albertibob's free energy research and Albertibob is me! The point of the website is to show the world what I am up to and invite comments and discussion. The site is meant for the small inventor like me toiling alone in his workshop, garage or shed, pursuing free energy and alternative technologies.

The power of the internet is really felt linking things together and free and open sharing of ideas of
those individuals brave enough to know that not everything we are told is true and intelligent enough to try and find out for themselves.

all about this. What I am up to is here and, I hope, fully described . I am trying to share ideas and spread the word. It isn't by hiding that we ensure success. Time and time again great ideas have been lost because their inventor took the secret to the grave. Most inventors hope to make a million, and because of that they hide everything behind the patent curtain and almost as a direct result the reality is they pass away in obscurity. If some of the things I am working on inspire or inform I am most happy, anyway, good luck with your own work and I hope you find the contents of this site useful.

The Projects

Free Energy Amplifier