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H0000423 - Apple Power Macintosh 4400/200

Brand Model Serial Number Registered Detail Order
Apple Power Macintosh 4400/200 PowerPC 603e No ? ? ? ?
Slot Qty Brand Model Speed FPU
Soldered 1 IBM PowerPC 603e 200MHz Integrated
Although the processor is soldered in this model, third-parties cleverly learned how to use the L2 cache slot to bypass this limitation. As a result, a variety of third-party processor upgrades and accelerators were available.
Type Total Slot Size Details Brand S/N
ROM 4MB ? ? ? ? ?
RAM1,2 ? Slot 1 ? EDO RAM 60ns, 3.3V, 64-bit-wide, 2k refresh, unbuffered, DIMM 168-pin ? ?
Slot 2 ? EDO RAM 60ns, 3.3V, 64-bit-wide, 2k refresh, unbuffered, DIMM 168-pin ? ?
Slot 3 ? EDO RAM 60ns, 3.3V, 64-bit-wide, 2k refresh, unbuffered, DIMM 168-pin ? ?
L2 cache3 256KB ? ? ? ? ?
VRAM4 ? ? 3.3v SDRAM, or 3.3v SGRAM, or EDO 5V VRAM DIMM ? ?
  1. Officially this model supports 96 MB of RAM, but third-parties discovered that only the first slot is limited to a 32 MB single-bank memory module. The second and third slots can accommodate 64 MB memory modules for an actual total of 160 MB of RAM.
  2. It should be noted that the 4400 does not require DIMMs to be installed in pairs, as the PSX memory controller does not support memory interleaving. But Apple technical documents are emphatic in recommending a 1.100 inch height for 4400 DIMMs, in accordance with the shortest form factor permitted in the JEDEC MO-161 specification. Due to the internal organization of this computer, taller DIMMs will be forced down into the DIMM sockets with excessive force, with undesirable consequences.
  3. The Power Mac 4400 supports an optional 256k L2 cache DIMM with integrated cache controller. Apple technical documents intimate that Apple does not support the development of third-party L2 cache for this computer, despite the fact that the 160-pin cache expansion slot is identical to that found on Power Mac 5400 and Performa 6400 Alchemy motherboards.
  4. With a single 120-pin video DIMM connector internally (Burndy Corporation ELF120GSC- 3Z50), the 4400 series supports up to 4MB VRAM using either 3.3v SDRAM, or 3.3v SGRAM, in sizes of 1MB, 2MB, or 4MB. A single EDO 5v VRAM DIMM can also be utilized, but Apple technical documents note that the maximum usable size for an EDO VRAM DIMM is 2MB, as EDO DIMMs larger than 2MBs afford no additional performance due to the limited bandwidth characteristic of such modules. With a 4MB SGRAM or SDRAM DIMM, the 4400 can generate 32-bit color at resolutions up to 1280 x 1024.
Mass storage
Physical path Interface Type Size Brand Model S/N Details
FDD N/A FDD ? ? ? ? ?
IDE/ATA #1 N/A HDD ? ? ? ?
# Size Type Use Start Length
? ? ? ? ? ?
Supported Mac OS: 7.5.3, 7.6.1-9.1 (12 versions)
OS Partition Size Filesystem type
7.5.3 35MBHFS
7.6.1 35MBHFS
8.0 250MBHFS
8.1 250MBHFS
8.5 250MBHFS+
8.6 250MBHFS+
9.0 300MBHFS+
9.1 450MBHFS+
IDE/ATA #2 N/A ODD ? ? ? ? ?
  • 22 bits block addressing. Max disk size is 2GB
Slot Brand Model P/N S/N Description
PCI adapter slot ? ? ? ?
Slot Brand Model P/N S/N Description
Top slot:PCI 2.0, 32-bit, 33MHz, 5V, 7-inch ? ? ? ? ?
Middle slot:PCI 2.0, 32-bit, 33MHz, 5V, 7-inch ? ? ? ? ?
Bottom slot:PCI 2.0, 32-bit, 33MHz, 5V, 12-inch ? ? ? ? ?


  • None

Wish list

  • 1 x Apple keyboard (P/N?)
  • 1 x Apple serial mouse (P/N?)
  • 1 x Original documentation
  • 1 x Original software
  • 1 x Original power cord
  • 1 x Original packaging
  • 1 x HDD PATA 2GB
  • 1 x 32MB EDO RAM
  • 2 x 64MB EDO RAM


  • No power-on

To do

  • Install all possible/supported operating systems
  • External and internal cleaning


When What
2017-February-04 Power on > Initial “chime” > a short stop of PU fan > no video signal



  • None



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