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H0000283 - Apple Power Macintosh G4/450 Cube

Brand Model Serial Number Registered
Apple Power Macintosh G4/450 (Cube) SG03414NK6K No. Too old.
Slot Qty Brand Model Speed
Soldered 1 Apple PowerPC 7400 (G4) 450 MHz
Type Total Slot Size Details Brand S/N
RAM 1.5 GB Slot0 512 MB SDRAM PC133-333,3.3v,unbuffered,64-bit wide,non-ECC,168-pin
Slot1 512 MB SDRAM PC133-333,3.3v,unbuffered,64-bit wide,non-ECC,168-pin
Slot2 512 MB SDRAM PC133-333,3.3v,unbuffered,64-bit wide,non-ECC,168-pin
Mass storage
Type Physical path Size Interface Brand Model S/N Partitions
HDD Internal Interface#1. Cable connector#1 80 GB PATA(0,0)
080GBHPFS+Mac OS X 10.3 boot
ODD Internal Interface#1. Cable connector#2 5X DVD-ROM/CD-RW PATA(0,1)
Slot Brand Model P/N S/N Description
AGP Installed
AP Apple Installed
Configuration overview (System)
Model Name: PowerMac G4
Model Identifier: ?
Processor Name: ?
Processor Speed: ?
Number Of CPUs: ?
L2 Cache (per CPU): ?
Memory: ?
Bus Speed: ?
Boot ROM Version: ?
Serial Number (system): SG03414NK6K
Hardware UUID: ?
Sudden Motion Sensor:
    State: Enabled
    Version: 1.0
System Version: ?
Kernel Version: ?

Wish list

  • 1 x Original documentation
  • 1 x Original software
  • 1 x Original packaging
  • 1 x Original mouse
  • 1 x Original monitor
  • 1 x Apple microphone (USB)
  • 1 x Apple iSight camera (FireWire)


  • one of the USB ports plastic latch is broken. No USB connector is working.

To do

  • Nothing.


When What
? ?


Item Qty Source Date Unit cost Total cost
Computer 1 TradeMe $50.00 $50.00
RAM/512MB PC133 3 eBay $10.00 $30.00
HDD PATA 80GB 1 stock $10.00 $10.00
Total $90.00