Sun SPARCstation 4


The SPARCstation 4 was introduced in 1995 to provide a lower price point than the SPARCstation 5. Although offered with the same 110 MHz microSPARC-II processor as the SPARCstation 5, it only has one SBus expansion slot instead of three, a single 1.05 GB hard drive, and maximum memory capacity of 160 MB instead of 256 MB. Instead of the built-in audio of the SPARCstation 5, the SPARCstation 4 requires an optional module, installed in its own dedicated slot. The system includes a built-in 8-bit pixel-accelerated graphics adapter, and a new lower-cost 17" monitor was introduced as an option. There is no AFX graphics port.

The SPARCstation 4 has a standard AUI Ethernet connector, unlike the SPARCstation 5 which requires a special cable to mate with a non-standard connector.



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