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The Indy (codename "Guinness") was the low-end successor to the Indigo product line introduced shortly after the more versatile Indigo 2 line was available.

The Indy is the only SGI workstation that follows the "pizza box" chassis design that was so popular with the Sun workstations of this era (Sparcstation 4, 5, 10, 20, etc.). Given the small footprint the Indy had reasonable computing power and a surprising amount of nice features (audio, video input, ISDN) especially considering the time it was introduced. The Indy was always accompanied by a small digital video camera intended for video conferencing, similar to the webcams we have become used to.

Regarding technology of the base system it is more like a straight development from the Indigo line rather than a radical new invention. The newest features compared to the Indigo are the built-in ISDN port and a Video Input that together with a camera (IndyCam) could also be used for video conferencing solutions.

The server version of the Indy is the Challenge S which lacks some of the workstation features of the Indy but comes with additional SCSI and network ports. The differences between the Indy and the Challenge S will be noted where it is due. Unless otherwise stated the Challenge S shares the same characteristics as the Indy workstation.

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1993, July
Indy with 100 MHz R4000PC and R4000SC processors and 24bit graphics announced to ship in 3rd quarter.
Indy R4000PC/100 with Newport graphics, 16MB, no HD, 15", accessories and IRIX: $4,995
1994, January
R4400 with 150 MHz available for Indy series in March.
Indy R4400/150 with Newport graphics, 32MB, 535MB HD, 16", accessories and IRIX 5.1: $15,495
1994, July
XZ graphics option for Indy systems announced
R4600SC/133 processor replaces R4000SC in midrange Indy systems
Indy Presenter flatpanel display introduced
Challenge S with R4400 and R4600 processor introduced
1994, 1st half
R4600PC processor replaces R4000PC in low-end workstations
1995, February
R4600/133 and R4400/175 processors available
1995, August
Webforce systems announced for September
1996, January
R5000 processors for Indy systems announced
1997, June
End of Production
2008, July
End of Service



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