Apple ImageWriter

ImageWriter is a dot matrix printer sold between 1982 and 1986 by Apple. The original ImageWriter was a re-packaged 9-pin dot matrix printer from C. Itoh Electronics (model C. Itoh 8510, with modified ROM and pinout), released in 1983. It was originally intended to be used with the Apple II, replacing the earlier Apple Dot Matrix Printer (also a C. Itoh model). The ImageWriter could produce images as well as text, up to a resolution of 144 DPI and a speed of about 120 cps. In text mode, the printer was logic-seeking, meaning it would print with the head moving in both directions while it would print only in one direction for graphics and Near Letter Quality.

The ImageWriter was also supported by the Macintosh 128K computer, the original Mac. Apple wanted a graphical printer for the Mac, and had introduced the ImageWriter primarily to support the new machine. This permitted it to produce WYSIWYG output from the screen of the computer, which was an important aspect for promoting the concept of the GUI and, later, desktop publishing. Quality was adequate rather than startling. This printer no longer has any supported drivers (though it is possible to print in Near Letter Quality to the ImageWriter using the C. Itoh 8510 driver in Windows NT/2000/XP in RAW data since it still seems to accept the same kind of escape code.) But like other printers, it would still accept TEXT regardless of quality

This Imagewriter is model No. A9M0303P

Source: Computing History