Acorn A3020


The Acorn Archimedes series was the evolution of the famous BBC computers. This is a British machine that got very little attention outside of the UK. The machine is interesting for several reasons: it uses a RISC processor (ARM 250) which was pretty unique for the time. The Archimedes was actually the first home computer line to use a RISC processor and at the time of its release (Archimedes A305) the ARM 2 RISC (8Mhz) was about seven times faster than a Amiga 500 (68000 CPU). However, when the A3020 was released in 1992 the A1200’s MC68EC020 had narrowed the gap and the A1200 had a few advantages over the A3020 like support for more memory and higher resolution.

In any case, this is a great machine that feels very advanced for 1992. The RISC OS is very snappy and it looks awesome:
The machine I got has an internal hard disk as well as an external zip drive device. It was not a very expensive machine to get but the shipping costs from the UK are a killer. The good news is that there is a VGA output that works just fine with new LCD monitors (even though some older games don’t display correctly – I will post about this later) and the machine itself is fairly compact. The case is in good shape and the keyboard is just slightly yellowed.



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