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Studio Events

  • Piano Recitals- Recitals are held twice a year in spring and fall. Students are encouraged to participate at least once a year. Our recitals are held in different venues in San Diego. Past venues have included Greene Music, PianoSD, Piano Warehouse, Carmel Valley Library, Scripps Ranch Library, Escondido Library and Hammond Ashley Violins, Museum of Making Music, among others. Recognition awards are always included to celebrate student achievement!
  • Group Classes- These are mainly held in the summer months, free to all students. Students play pieces for each other and get constructive criticism from their fellow classmates and teacher. Music theory classes are taught as music games! It's fun and students rave about it! Space is li
    mited so be sure to reserve a space beforehand.
Holiday concerts are held in December. Students give back to the community by participating and sharing their music to selected groups like retirement homes, nursing homes and hospitals. Students can participate in either one or both concerts given in December. What fun!