Piano Lessons

Adventures in 88 Keys takes pride in nurturing the budding talents of beginners to advanced students from as early as 4 years to late adulthood. For new students, an initial interview is undertaken to assess the student, discuss lesson policies and student programs, set goals, as well as to see if the teacher and student are compatible with each other.

Adventures in 88 Keys offers different pathways for each individual learner since we believe that each person learns differently. Lessons aim to cover all phases of musicianship, including repertoire, technical studies, sight-reading, ear-training and music theory. On the average, students progress to the next level for each year of piano study. I use a variety of books including the Carnegie Hall-RCM Achievement Program. Students are encouraged to participate in the assessments given by TAP in any of its sessions. In addition, the student is exposed to different musical genre including but not limited to classical, jazz, rags, blues, pop, rock, anime, and gospel music. Considering the diverse and multiple musical exposures that students get from different media forms, I encourage students to not only learn what they are expected to learn at their individual levels and comfort but to explore all other music genre. I encourage creativity and spontaneity.

The hobbyist and the recreational music maker takes a different pathway. The approach is less demanding and the student sets the pace of his or her individual learning. Repertoire selection is mainly decided by the learner and the teacher acts as facilitator and coach.
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